Belgium: 77% 'no longer feel at home' in Muslim 'invasion'

Friday, January 19, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (

terror attack in Brussels March2016A new study reveals that an overwhelming majority of Belgians believe that Muslim refugees are taking over their nation, with more than three out of four saying the migrants have taken away their sense of home.

After years of welcoming Muslim refugees with open arms, most Belgians are now fed up with Muslim immigrants taking from the welfare system, refusing to assimilate and spreading violence throughout the western European nation.

Invasion or delusion?

The leftist newspaper Le Soir’s and public broadcaster RTBF’s research initiative titled Black Yellow Blues 2017, which was conducted by the Survey and Action sociology research institute and the globalist “This Is Not a Crisis” foundation surveyed thousands of Belgians, with two out of three of them feeling as if their nation is being “increasingly invaded” by Muslim migrants.

“Overall, two-thirds of the 4,734 people polled believe there are ‘too many immigrants in Belgium,’ while 77 percent agreed with the statement, ‘Today we no longer feel at home as we did before [mass migration],’” Breitbart News reported. “This sentiment was especially marked among respondents to the detailed survey aged 65 and over – 84 percent of whom likened the influx of migrants and refugees to an invasion.”

The progressive taxpayer-funded broadcasting group RTBF called the growing concern of Belgians an “increasingly xenophobic” trend that has taken over the country over the past decade since a previous similar survey was conducted back in 1997.

“The results raise many questions, but they revealed a society that is filled with fear and the rejection of otherness,” RTBF claimed from the research.

The globalist organization producing the survey, This Is Not a Crisis (TINC) – which sets out to fight the kind of nationalism and populism touted in the United States by President Donald Trump in his 2016 presidential campaign and subsequent administration – is using the results to try and convince native Europeans that they are unreasonably paranoid that Muslims are taking over their homeland.

“[Western societies must be under] permanent transformation,” TINC insisted in the report. “[Researchers] observed the development of a true anti-Muslim paranoia [among Belgians], which has taken on a pathological dimension.”

But according to the survey’s Belgian respondents, the Muslim refugees are the ones demonstrating anti-social and threatening behavior.

“According to 74 percent of people surveyed, Islam is ‘not a tolerant religion,’ while 60 percent said the presence of so many Muslims in their nation presents a threat to its identity,” Breitbart London’s Virginia Hale explained from the study’s results. “Just 12 percent said they believe the religion is ‘a source of enrichment’ for Belgium.”

TINC makes it leftist mission – to let mass migration go unchecked and transform traditional European culture – very clear.

“[We set out to replace a Europe in which people are] nationalist, tribal, xenophobic, withdrawn, closed [and] nostalgic of borders [with one that is] cosmopolitan, universalist, inclusive, open, with a strong legitimate citizenship and appreciation for diversity,” TINC states on its website.

However, the globalists’ far-left-leaning report did acknowledge a small fraction of the violence Islamic terrorists have inflicted upon Europe of late.

“There have been attacks against the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan and terraces of Paris, 22 March [terror attacks] in Brussels, the failed attempt in the Thalys, Nice in July,” the TINC researchers preparing the report conceded. “[Yet we are pleased that] anti-Muslim paranoia … has not worsened following the attacks.”

The liberal RTBF goes one step further to denounce any condemnation of the militant trend sweeping Europe at the hands of Islamic refugees carrying out jihad on European residents who do not submit to their god, Allah.

“[Europeans victimize] the Muslim as a scapegoat,” the RTBF contended. “[The] identity crisis Europe is facing [has left natives feeling] confused [and seeking] simple explanations like ‘there are too many immigrants’ [to] complex problems.”

Those tallying up the results of the survey lamented at the fact that most Belgians feel that Muslim migrants threaten their European lifestyle.

“Seven out of 10 Belgians think that immigrants want to impose their way of life,” the report divulged with remorse, while failing to reveal the attitudes expressed by the 400 Muslims researchers surveyed.

However, Breitbart London exposed some Muslim sentiment from the survey results that the globalist groups attempted to conceal.

“These included 33 percent of Muslim respondents revealing they ‘don’t like Western culture,’ 29 percent asserting they believe the laws of Islam to be superior to Belgian law and 34 percent admitting they ‘would definitely prefer a political system inspired by the Quran,’” Hale divulged. “With regards to the question of openness towards the other, the research found that 59 percent of Muslims in Belgium would ‘condemn’ the marriage if their son chose a non-Muslim partner, with the figure standing at 54 percent for a daughter.”

Slowly realizing the threat

One survey revealed last year spanning 10 European nations and consisting of more than 10,000 respondents was conducted by the Chatham House Royal Institute of International Affairs, and the group asked online respondents how they felt about the statement, “All further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped.”

In the midst of Europe’s ongoing refugee crisis, most of those taking survey agreed.

“Over the 10 European countries surveyed, an average of 55 percent agreed with the statement,” reported. “Twenty-five (25) percent neither agreed nor disagreed, while only one in five respondents felt Muslim immigration should continue.”

Residents from nations whose not-too-distant past witnessed the Nazi invasion of Europe during World War II and the years leading up to it by Adolf Hitlers’ fascist Germany voiced the strongest opposition to Muslim refugees taking over areas of Europe today with their dominating and militant Islamic religion.

“Poland was the country most in favor of a ban on Muslim immigration, with 71 percent of respondents agreeing with the statement,” CNBC’s David Reid shared in February 2017. “Austria was close behind with 65 percent.”

And even though more and more Europeans are waking up to the sober reality that Muslim migrants do not respect or conform to European culture, a Pew poll found that many residents’ views are still influenced by the globalist perspectives pushed by the pro-refugee leadership of the European Union and the United Nations.

“[Of the] 10 nations surveyed, we found that negative views about Muslims prevailed in eastern and southern Europe,” Pew Research Center divulged last November from a survey it conducted in 2016. “However, the majority of respondents in the UK, Germany, France, Sweden and the Netherlands gave Muslims a favorable rating. Views about Muslims are tied to ideology. While 47 percent of Germans on the political right give Muslims an unfavorable rating, just 17 percent on the left do so. The gap between left and right is also roughly 30 percentage points in Italy and Greece.”


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