Biological argument for homosexuality examined

Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Charlie Butts (

lesbian relationshipMore information has surfaced that demonstrates the false argument that homosexuals are biologically born into this world in that condition.

Statistics gathered from high school students by Teenwise Minessota, a pro homosexual group, show that lesbians become impregnated by heterosexual boys, and homosexuals impregnate heterosexual girls at a rate that is seven times more than straight students.

Further, it is noted that that homosexuals from both sexes are much more sexually active than straight individuals, as the Federalist’s Glenn T. Stanton that the homosexual teen pregnancy rate is up to seven times greater than the pregnancy rate of like-aged heterosexuals.

"That’s a great deal of pregnancy-possible sex going on among teens and adults who are supposedly 'born that way' to want non-pregnancy-possible sex," Stanton asserted. "We must ask what’s going in the emotional lives of these individuals that has them behaving in such a hyper-sexualized manner? What emptiness are they seeking to fill? Their own dignity and well-being demands honest investigation, free of ideological assumptions."

Homosexual activists credit other factors for LGBTQI youth’s higher rate of sexual activity and pregnancy, according to statistics was according to statistics reported by the Minnesota Star-Tribune.

Also, LGBTQI advocates contend the increased rates are due to being victimized by a society that does not accept them.

“Homosexual activists blame the promiscuity/pregnancy stats on outside influences, such as societal rejection, peer pressure, and a non-accepting home environment,” LifeSiteNews reported. “Others point to insufficient sex-ed for gay youth.”

It was noted that the pro-LGBTQI group set out to distinguish sexual preferences in its study.

“Teenwise Minnesota, a pro-gay organization tasked with promoting sexual health, discovered the promiscuity/pregnancy disparity when student surveys included a question asking students about their "sexual orientation," LifeSiteNews’ Mark Hodges informed about the study. Founder Matt Barber, who is a constitutional attorney, maintains that the greater promiscuity and pregnancy rates are not surprising – given that most homosexuals admit being molested as young people.

“Plus, ostensibly, these young self-identified lesbian girls are listening to the values-neutral propaganda put out by groups like Planned Parenthood and GLSEN [and] the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network, that encourages promiscuity both heterosexual and homosexual,” Barber pointed out.

Accordingly, Barber maintains that if there are no values or limits in the minds of young people for intimacy, Americans should not be surprised at the increased rate of pregnancy.

“This also completely destroys the myth that people are born homosexual and that if a person ends up identifying as homosexual because of something that's happened to them in their lives, that they don't still engage in natural sexual behavior with the opposite sex,” the pro-family attorney stressed.

Summing it up, Barber argued that the results of the study are in keeping with science and logic on the subject. In the past, studies purporting to prove homosexuals are born that way have been thoroughly debunked by experts.

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