Christian leader: Boy Scouts approaching moral collapse

Monday, June 1, 2015
Michael F. Haverluck (

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) President Al Mohler says that the Boy Scouts of America was destined to self-destruct as soon as its chose to preserve itself by sacrificing the biblical values and ideals that conceived its formation.

A Closer LookIn a recent announcement before his organization’s national meeting, Boy Scouts of America (BSA) President Robert Gates — the former Secretary of Defense and ex-Central Intelligence Agency director — called members to do away with its policy of permitting openly homosexual scouts, but at the same time called for the participation of openly gay adults.

“[W]e must deal with the world as it is, not as we might wish it to be,” Gates told other BSA leaders in Atlanta.

Abandon the Bible, embrace LGBT policy

Gates implied that BSA must abandon its moral code of behavior and adopt the progressive demands of society, or come to terms with “the end of us as a national movement.”

Mohler insists that Gates — who joined with President Barack Obama while serving as Secretary of Defense to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in 2010 and normalize homosexual behavior in the United States Armed Forces — has been in the business of forwarding the LGBT agenda in the Boy Scouts for some time.

“Even as he took office last year, Gates indicated that he was not satisfied with the compromise the B.S.A. national board adopted in 2013,” the head of SBTS explained. “After insisting, just six months earlier, that the Scouts would not change their policy excluding openly-gay scouts and scouting leaders — a policy national leaders acknowledged was expected by the vast majority of scout parents — the national board crumbled under external pressure, largely from activist organizations and major corporations.”

Mohler says that the BSA’s move two years ago was nothing more than a ruse to quell a storm.

“By any honest account, the policy adopted in 2013 was a compromise that anyone could see would not hold,” Mohler continued. “By allowing for openly gay scouts but not openly gay adult leaders, the B.S.A. put itself in a no-man’s land of moral evasion.”

Changing gears

The Baptist leader says the new LGBT-friendly policies embraced by the BSA are a departure from what the organization used to stand for.

“As recently as 2004 the Boy Scouts of America had maintained that homosexual conduct is ‘inconsistent’ with the Scout Oath’s requirement that a scout be ‘morally straight,’” Mohler recounted. ”By 2013 that policy — successfully defended all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States — was an embarrassment to some leaders and in some regions of the country.”

Disenfranchising itself from its former biblical code of behavior and morality, the BSA recently began to embrace the moral relativism of the world before deciding to move forward with changing its policies to accommodate homosexuals.

“But the 2013 policy was stranded in moral ambiguity,” Mohler asserts. “If there is nothing morally deficient with homosexuality, why allow gay scouts but not gay leaders? Furthermore, about 70 percent of all local scouting units are sponsored by religious organizations, who found themselves in the position of choosing between remaining loyal to the scouting organization or committed to their own religious convictions. Some decided to wait it out.”

And true to form, Gates wasted little time to help turn the BSA into a poster child for “gay” rights.

“Predictably, the waiting is soon to be over … Gates indicated to the press that a decision is likely by October,” Mohler reported in Christian Headlines. “The handwriting is on the tent wall, and the direction is set. The compromised policy of 2013 is about to be abandoned, with scouting at all levels, including adult leaders, to be open regardless of sexual orientation.”

Opening the floodgates

Just as civil unions ushered in same-sex “marriage,” BSA’s gateway policy in 2013 has opened the floodgates for homosexuality to pour into every facet of the organization.

“Back in 2013, those who demanded the full inclusion of gay scouts and leaders registered their dissatisfaction with the new policy,” Mohler informed. “The editorial board of The New York Times called the new policy ‘an unprincipled position’ — and they were right. As the editors pushed onward, they warned that the move ‘should hardly satisfy’ the demand for full inclusion. Once again, they were clearly right. Both sides could see the compromise of 2013 was unprincipled and unsustainable.”

Mohler says that Gates had to ignore the biblical morality upon which BSA was founded in order to appease LGBT activists with deep pockets.

“Now, Secretary Gates proposes that the compromise be abandoned, accepting the inclusion of openly-gay leaders,” Mohler asserts. “His argument is entirely based on the self-preservation of the B.S.A. as a national organization. He made no moral argument at all. He did not celebrate the new policy he proposed on moral grounds, nor did he lament the loss of the older policy on moral grounds. There were no moral elements in his argument.”

Hard to rationalize

To justify his move away from biblical principles and toward LGBT “equality,” Gates mentioned a number of cases where BSA scouting organizations in various states have been openly breaking internal rules by defying the national ban on homosexual adult leaders.

“[Threats of legal action against BSA would work to] forbid any kind of membership standard, including our foundational belief in duty to God and our focus on serving the specific needs of boys,” Gates told BSA members.

However, Mohler points out that Gates left some crucial details out when giving his justification for the BSA caving in to the homosexual agenda.

“What Gates did not mention was the fact that the inclusion of openly gay leaders and scouts, along with the challenge that already comes from the feminism and transgender advocates, makes the very existence of the Boy Scouts ever more vulnerable,” Mohler stressed. “The inescapable fact is that America is becoming a society in which the very idea of the Boy Scouts is increasingly implausible. The current leadership of the B.S.A. would supposedly save the Boy Scouts as an organization, but leave scouting in yet another unsustainable compromise.”

Satisfying no one standing on the fence

Mohler notes that Gates did what he could to cover his back.

“Gates argued that the religious organizations that sponsor local units should remain free to establish their own criteria for adult leaders ‘consistent with their faith,’” Mohler added. “But Gates surely knows that this assurance is a very thin promise. Perhaps Gates hopes that the lawsuits will now be directed against churches, instead of against the Boy Scouts of America.”

Agreeing with Mohler’s assessment, The Washington Post’s Michael E. Miller and Sarah Kaplan attest that Gate’s latest moves — which they call ‘an astute capitulation’ — are sure indicators of BSA’s impending legal and political disaster and Gates’ ongoing problems.

“[T]he Boy Scouts are now in a position where politically they can do no right,” the DC reporters concluded. “Besieged by the Left for decades for not allowing gay scouts or leaders, the Boy Scouts are now being attacked from the Right. By allowing gay scouts two years ago and now considering allowing gay leaders as well, a deeply traditional organization is trying to stay attuned to the times. But it also risks alienating many core members, for whom the Boy Scouts have long been a bedrock of conservative American life.”

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