WH christens executive order with gender-neutral restrooms

Saturday, April 11, 2015
Associated Press

Compliments of American tax dollars, the White House has added the option for President Barack Obama’s administration and its visitors to use gender-neutral restrooms to forward the most aggressive LGBT agenda ever to take place in the nation’s capital.

A Closer LookWhite House Spokesman Jeff Tiller told the media Wednesday about the latest token of support the Obama administration has made to promote the homosexual agenda.

“An all-gender restroom is also available in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which provides guests and staff an additional option,” Tiller announced.

This latest move is said to be just another step to continue Obama’s legacy of championing LGBT “rights” and policies.

“[This is] the latest in a series of symbolic steps the Obama administration has taken to work the priorities of the LGBT community into its broader themes of inclusiveness and tolerance,” Politico reports. “The newly designated restroom is an example of how the administration has been advancing the discussion by raising the profile of transgender issues, an area of debate that is especially hotly contested right now.”

Another executive order

Appropriately timed, the addition of the restroom to supposedly accommodate the demand of homosexuals and “transgenders” on the White House staff and visitor log comes as a follow-up on another one of Obama’s executive orders. This one began to take effect Wednesday — an executive order bypassing Congress that bans discrimination against “gay” and transgender employees of companies that contract with the federal government during their visit to the White House.

Tiller says that the new restrooms represent everything the Obama administration stands for concerning its promotion of the LBGT community and the legal privileges it seeks in what has been dubbed a “civil rights” movement.

“The White House allows staff and guests to use restrooms consistent with their gender identity, which is in keeping with the administration’s existing legal guidance on this issue and consistent with what is required by the executive order that took effect today for federal contractors,” Tiller explained.

The beginning of a ‘civil rights’ issue?

Going down in the books as the most aggressive pro-homosexual president in United States history, Obama’s full-fledged endorsement of same-sex “marriage” has been instrumental in escalating its legalization from just a few  states before his administration to 37 today, including Washington, D.C. A federal lifting of the ban on “gay” marriage is anticipated by homosexual activists later this month in the U.S. Supreme Court.

But Obama’s aggressive promotion of the LGBT lifestyle during his second term continues to ramp up, as evidenced by the new transgender bathroom in the White House and his executive order to forward the homosexual agenda.

“The move advances a theme of openness Obama has been trying to promote in recent years, as he has elevated the concerns of gay and lesbian Americans to a level of moral urgency similar to that of the most prominent civil rights issues on the national agenda,” Politico contends in a report. “Besides his most famous gesture — his endorsement of same-sex marriage — Obama also captured attention when he saluted the struggles of gay Americans in his speech last month in Selma, Alabama, marking the 50th anniversary of one of the most important marches of the civil rights movement.”

Letting the homosexual agenda upstage the African American civil rights movement, Obama attempted to correlate the plight of blacks in the United States to the LGBT movement, saying that they are pushing for the same kind of social change.

“We’re the gay Americans whose blood ran in the streets of San Francisco and New York, just as blood ran down this bridge,” Obama proclaimed at a speech in Selma just weeks ago.

Calling all Americans …

Pushing the envelope on the issue, Obama is using the White House to lobby for the homosexual agenda even during his most publicized speeches.

“Obama also used the word ‘transgender’ in this year’s State of the Union address, the first time a president has used the word in such a prominent speech,” Politico reports. “The administration has tried to advance LGBT issues at a nuts-and-bolts policy level, too: it announced last year that Medicare would start covering sex-reassignment surgery.”

The Obama administration is making sure America knows that everyone in the White House is on board with the homosexual agenda, championing the controversial lifestyle at every level.

“The president is determined to lead by example,” White House Senior Advisor commended Obama on his pro-LGBT executive order via an op-ed she posted in the pro-homosexual publication, The Advocate. “He has hired more openly LGBT Americans to serve in his administration than any other in history. And we have closely examined our internal policies on everything from benefits, to restroom access, to how we invite people to events, to ensure that everyone who enters this building feels safe and fully respected.”

Similar to the pro-same-sex marriage legislation sweeping the nation, gender-neutral restrooms are proliferating from coast to coast, as well, as Republicans in Texas, Florida, Kentucky and Arizona are supporting similar measures in their states to “protect against sexual predators.” Pro-family advocates argue that the restrooms do the opposite and actually invite sexual predators.

Transgender activist claim that “restricted restrooms” cause “mental anguish” and that such facilities are discriminatory and will result in many lawsuits for compensation by the LGBT community for the pain and suffering they produce.

National Center for Transgender Equality Executive Director Mara Keisling commends Obama for fighting for the LGBT cause.

“It is heartening to see that, even if legislators in some states are attacking the dignity and humanity of transgender and gender non-conforming people, at least the White House is still moving in the direction of dignity and common sense,” Keisling declared.


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