Ignore the past, risk the future

Thursday, November 1, 2012
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

Well before President Barack Obama launched his 2008 presidential campaign that touted a moderate stance on same-sex "marriage," Line of Fire radio host Dr. Michael L. Brown warned America of the Democratic candidate's extreme pro-homosexual-leaning past.

Just how radical?

"Without a doubt, Barack Obama is the [most] pro-homosexual president in our nation's history -- and I warned my radio listeners before he was elected that this was exactly what we could expect from him," Brown told OneNewsNow in an exclusive interview.

"To give just one glaring example, in June, 2009, he invited 300 gay activists to the White House to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, assuring these activists that he was standing with him to see their goals fulfilled."

According to Brown, radio host of Line of Fire, this leftist advocacy could have been detected many years before Barack Obama's first presidential bid.

"Obama had a transgender nanny as a child in Indonesia, which would certainly create sympathy for the transgender community," Brown explained. "He was influenced by pro-'gay' university professors, and he made [it] clear as far back as 1996 that he fully supported same-sex 'marriage.'"

Delayed progressive policies

Michael BrownBrown contends that Obama's proclaimed support of traditional marriage at the beginning of his presidency was both feigned and carefully calculated as one way of securing his position in the White House.

"It appears clear that Obama knew that he had to take a more traditional position on marriage in order to be elected, stating in debates and other settings that, based on his Christian faith, he believed marriage was the union of a man and woman," contends Brown, president and founder of FIRE School of Ministry.

"At the same time, he began to take aim at undermining this sacred institution, most conspicuously by refusing to defend DOMA [the federal Defense of Marriage Act] and by pushing for the repeal of DADT [Don't Ask, Don't Tell], which had many implications."

And Brown's take on the president's self-proclaimed full "evolution" toward fully endorsing same-sex marriage?

"As to why he finally came out in support of same-sex 'marriage' in May, it appears that he needed to reenergize his more radical base, leading to massive donations generated by LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender] supporters and their allies (such as the left-wing Hollywood crowd)," the nationally syndicated columnist pointed out.

Has Obama's unabashed support of same-sex marriage taken its toll on America yet?

"It's too early to assess fully the effect of his endorsement of same-sex 'marriage,' especially on a financial level. But socially, what we can see so far is that it has cost him the support of many black Americans -- especially among conservative Christians -- as well as further divided the society, also making it easier to demonize those who hold to biblical values," answered the conservative pundit.

When asked about Obama's hand in repealing DADT, Brown expressed that Americans can expect to experience dire consequences in the not-so-distant future.

"By fighting for the repeal of DADT, President Obama energized his radical, left-wing base, as well as acted on his own convictions in terms of LGBT issues," Brown replied. "As for the consequences of the repeal, while one recent report claimed that things have gone without a hitch in the first year, many anecdotal reports claim that this is anything but the case and that there are real threats to freedoms of conscience and religion, along with challenges to morale. It remains to be seen what the lasting effects will be."

Many conservatives claim that Obama's relentless promotion of homosexual behavior in his foreign policy has not been paralleled by any other president in United States history, especially when examining the policies he has enforced through the U.S. Embassy.

"Without question, the president's aggressive promotion of homosexual activism to other nations is unprecedented, including some of our foreign embassies participating in gay pride events, as well as Secretary of State Clinton putting pressure on the nations of the world to accede to the demands of gay activism, implying that there would be consequences for not complying," Brown pointed out.

The election and beyond

And what about the future of DOMA? Does Brown believe that the Obama administration's refusal to defend the act will end in its ultimate defeat?

"President Obama's refusal to defend DOMA was outrageous," Brown argues. "DOMA has been legally passed and upheld by the Congress and ratified by President Clinton, and it is not up to the president to decide which laws he will uphold. And DOMA is coming under increasing pressure from the courts. If Obama has four more years in office, the results could be catastrophic for DOMA."

Brown says that a Romney win could possibly salvage the protection of marriage as between one man and one woman.

"On the other hand, Governor Romney claims that he will stand up for DOMA if elected," the Hebrew scholar asserts. "At the same time, the overall question of same-sex 'marriage' could well be decided by the Supreme Court within the next 12 months -- so this will be a very volatile time for the issue."

With Obama's staunch support of the h-agenda in the latter half of his presidency, Brown believes that he has alienated himself from African Americans, while stigmatizing Bible-believing Christians as being hate-filled and bigoted -- noting these dealings as a couple of factors that could severely hurt his reelection bid.

But will a Romney election work to dampen the h-agenda's flames that Obama has fanned?

"I would hope that a Romney election would help stem the tide of homosexual activism, both on a popular level (it will not be glorified and supported as it was under Obama) and a practical level (with Romney's administration doing what it could to stand against the activist goals)," Brown shared. "However, I am concerned by Romney's previous track record on these issues while governing Massachusetts, and he might well gravitate to a more neutral position once elected."

And is there any indication of what the climate for homosexual behavior will look like in 2016 if Obama is reelected -- especially in lieu of Obama telling the LGBT community at the White House in June that his pro-gay agenda has only just begun ... with the President stating that he's not just their friend, but their "advocate?"

"If we have four more years of President Obama -- barring true, national revival in the Church that would lead to a cultural awakening -- it could well be that same-sex 'marriage' will be the law of the land and the norm taught in schools," Brown warns. He continued, contending "that those opposing [his redefinition of marriage] will be officially classified as bigots, that public criticism of gay activism would be virtually forbidden, and that churches (and synagogues and even mosques) that differ with gay activism will be persecuted ... for their stands."

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