How would the Apostle Paul vote?

Saturday, October 20, 2012
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With two presidential debates under our belts, along with more pre-election polls than we have states, most Americans already appear to be decided when it comes to their choice, come November 6 - but if the apostle Paul were around today, how would he vote? OneNewsNow got renowned evangelist and author Ray Comfort's take.

Editor's note: Ray Comfort is commenting as a private citizen, and not as a representative of Living Waters.

Comfort, Ray"I don't know if the Apostle Paul would vote or wait for a candidate to come into line with his theology before he cast a vote," Comfort told OneNewsNow in an exclusive interview. "Although, it is clear from his words in Scripture that it wasn't his agenda to usher in a theocracy. Those who think that the plan of the Church is to take over the country politically should read the Book of Acts to see how we should act as Christians."

With many issues swirling around this year's presidential election, from President Barack Obama's radically left stances on abortion and same-sex "marriage," to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's Mormonism, a great number of Americans find themselves appealing to the Bible for answers pertaining to this year's candidates. But is the Bible really clear on this issue?

"The early Church preached that God offered everlasting life to dying and Hell-bound humanity, and that was their message," added Comfort, founder and CEO of Living Waters Publications. "Changing presidents doesn't change anyone's eternal destiny."

The New Zealand-born evangelist contends that even though much can ride on an election, the final count at the ballot box is not the main indicator of what direction a nation will go.

"So, Israel's political arena [in the Gospel] was not their first priority, even if they could see that the nation was going to ruin," Comfort contends. "The way to stop bad fruit is to take an axe to the root, and that's what the Gospel does."

He emphasizes that what changes hearts at polling booths is conviction that comes from knowing the Truth ─ not political campaigns.

"When someone repents and trusts in Jesus Christ he or she will be born again, and will therefore vote according to the conscience rather than the pocketbook," the Southern California-based evangelist asserts. "When God gives a human being a new heart through the new birth, he or she immediately loves what He loves and hates what He hates - they become pro-life, for the institution of marriage, anti-porn, etc., and if they aren't clear about moral issues, the Scriptures will give them light."

Comfort believes that this is the same understanding that would drive Paul's actions, come election time.

"Early Christians knew the principle that if the train was on the right track, the carriages of worldview would come into line," Comfort explained. "So while I can't say that Paul would vote, I can [based on Scripture] speak of his life's passion and therefore, the probable direction of his vote."

And when asked what he believed Paul would view as the most pressing issue addressed in this year's campaigns and debates, Comfort had this to say.

"Paul was brought up at the feet of Gamaliel - the great teacher of God's Law," Comfort points out. "He therefore knew that it thundered, 'You shall not kill,' and as a Pharisee, he was deeply familiar with Genesis 9:6: 'Whoever sheds man's blood, by man his blood shall be shed; for in the image of God He made man.' We are not primates, as is preached by staunch believers in the fairytale of evolution. We are unique in creation. We set up court systems and spend billions of dollars each year to see that justice is done. Animals don't do that, but we do it because we are made in the image of God. We are moral beings, and we are therefore accountable to God. It is because of this that we can guess what would be the most pressing issue for Paul."

Comfort says the weight of this issue presses down on every political forum.

"There is a dark shadow that hangs over modern-day American politics," says Comfort, who co-hosts the television show The Way of the Master with former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron. "It's there when candidates talk of their concerns about unemployment. It's there when they speak of the massive deficit. It covers the entire arena when, like battling tennis players, they fire back at each other with powerful statistics that send the opponent reeling, and makes it look as though the game is over. That terrible and dark shadow is the mass slaughter of the unborn."

The director of the pro-life documentary 180: Changing the Heart of a Nation,which went viral last year, doesn't see how this topic can be avoided.

"I don't see any political issue without its horrible and haunting presence," Comfort notes. "I have been publicly criticized for likening abortion to the horrific tragedy of the slaughter of the Jews under Hitler. The analogy does fall short. Modern America has taken the lives of nearly ten times as many human beings as were taken by Hitler."

And the pro-life advocate says this issue shapes his voting allegiance.

"So I will vote for the candidate that is most pro-life, knowing that not to vote would be to vote for a continuance of the slaughter," Comfort reasons. "I may be wrong, but I think that this would be Paul's political policy, in the hope of saving lives."

Comfort also believes that Paul would exhort Christians to be involved in politics.

"I think that in being politically active, we are being the salt of the earth," says Comfort. "But there's a qualification. Should a doctor ─ who has just discovered a cure to cancer ─ help with the daily running of the cancer ward? The answer is that of course he should do his best to make sure everything runs smoothly in the ward. But imagine if he did so and never bothered to share the cure with his dying patients. If he remained silent, then the good doctor becomes an evil doctor, because what he has discovered makes him morally responsible for the death of his patients. His silence puts their blood on his hands."

The evangelist asserts that Christians are equally accountable for sharing the message and hope that is within them to unbelievers.

"How can we, who profess to have the love of God, mingle with dying humanity and not share the good news that Jesus Christ has abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel?" Comfort asks. "May God forgive us for the sin of silence, and [may] He help us to let love swallow our selfish fears."

OneNewsNow asked Comfort if he had any plans to open-air preach at locations to reach out to voters.

"I don't believe we can legally preach near a polling booth, but I will be flying a team to UC Berkeley on October 30 and open air preach at noon on the campus," the street preacher shared. "It's at the places of higher learning that we can reach and affect a culture - by speaking to the future lawyers, doctors and political leaders. We are stepping up preaching in universities because in a year or two's time the government may decide to outlaw all forms of 'hate speech.' If that happens, all of us will look back on these neglected years of liberty with great regret. Imagine that happening, and thinking that we had the God-given freedom to preach the Gospel, and we didn't take advantage of it. If it's a public campus, it's our blood-bought First Amendment right to free speech. We don't even need a permit if we don't have amplification."

Comfort related an opportunity he seized last week at one of California's most celebrated universities, which laid out the red carpet for one of evolution's most celebrated figureheads.

Happy atheist with copy of 180"Recently, I took a team to UCLA and we preached to a large congenial crowd for about 80 minutes," Comfort added. "I took a poster of Richard Dawkins holding a copy of 180 (he had been speaking at UCLA two days earlier) and said, 'Professor Dawkins has his copy, so make sure you get yours.' (Pictured at left is a happy atheist with his copy.) While many Christians are more concerned about changing the nation politically than they are in fulfilling the Great Commission, Richard Dawkins is changing millions of our young people into God-haters, and we are letting him get away with it."

With the tide of secular teaching increasingly attacking biblical Christianity, Comfort insists that the time is right for Christians to step out of their comfort zones en masse.

"There are 70 million professing Christians in our country," Comfort states. "Can you imagine what would happen if just one in 70 decided to truly obey the Great Commission and preach the Gospel to every creature? That would mean that a million Christians would stand up in the marketplace and on the university campuses where students are being told that they are apes and that there is no God, and they would hear about Him offering everlasting life to all who repent and trust in Jesus. It would turn America right side up."

Comfort's life is dedicated to equipping believers to follow the prompt of Jesus Christ given in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you."

"I long for the sleeping giant of the modern Church to awaken to that agenda, stand on its feet and boldly open its mouth," Comfort shares. "That's the reason [Living Waters] produced Season Four of our TV program - to equip Christians to open air preach - as Jesus did, as John the Baptist and Paul did, along with Spurgeon, Wesley, Whitefield and Moody did, who saw their cultures transformed by the power of the Gospel."

The global evangelist believes that we could be coming upon the End Times mentioned in the Book of Revelation, and takes the role of equipping the saints very seriously.

"[The entire season teaches] what to do and how to do it [and] has been devoted to equipping Christians to preach the Gospel in the open air (we preached open air in 13 European countries in 13 days)," the street preacher reports. "It [teaches] how to pull in a crowd, how to hold their attention, how to handle hecklers to your advantage, how to make an atheist backslide, how to refute the foolishness of the unscientific theory of evolution, what not to do, and how to overcome your fear of 'drying up' or not being able to answer a difficult question. All … [it takes] is a little love and some courage .... We are at present producing a video series called "Roots" that is particularly aimed at the youth of the modern Church - teaching them how to reach their own generation."

Comfort claims that he's committed to a campaign that cannot lose ─ one that's led by a timeless and flawless leader.

"My passion is the same as Paul's, and his was the same as that of Jesus," Comfort tells OneNewsNow. "It is to bring the light of the Gospel to those who sit in the shadow of death."

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