CA pastor goes there: Dems want church doors locked

Thursday, August 13, 2020
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no crossA pastor who is ignoring a court’s restraining order by holding Sunday church services dropped an accusation on a national radio program: California’s governor is using the COVID-19 lockdowns to collect votes for the Democratic Party.

"I can't speak for other states,” Pastor Rob McCoy told American Family Radio, “but I can speak for California, where I am very good friends with many who are in the state legislature. The idea with the governor is if he can keep the schools closed and the churches closed, those are the number one places where you do voting, so keep those closed and you can do vote-by-mail."

Pastor McCoy and Godspeak Calvary Chapel are currently in a legal fight with Ventura County government after he ignored lockdown orders, then ignored a judge’s restraining order, and has been holding Sunday services despite both.

A court hearing is scheduled for August 21 over contempt charges against Pastor McCoy after churchgoers ignored the restraining order and packed the church for an August 9 service.

Attorney: Pastor right about turning CA 'red' if Evangelicals vote 

Steve Jordahl (

At the same time a California pastor is taking the fight to the state’s far-left Democrats in power, an attorney who regularly fights them in the courtroom says The Golden State could change direction if more people join the effort.

Piggybacking on the warning from Pastor Rob McCoy about Democrats pushing for more power in the state (see story at left), attorney Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute says it is time for churches to wake up and fight back before their rights are gone.

“It’s called the Church Finds its Voice project,” Dacus tells OneNewsNow.

After fighting the State of California over its lockdowns and anti-church restrictions, PJI is now looking ahead to Election Day and is offering pastors, for example, five ways to encourage their congregations to vote based on biblical principles.

The goal, Dacus says, is to encourage pastors “up and down the state” to register their members and to educate them on how a biblical worldview conflicts with what Dacus calls the “issues of the day.”


Mirroring the pastor’s warnings about Democrats using “ballot harvesting” to flip elections, Dacus says churches can do it, too: Gather up mail-in ballots, then make sure they get turned in and get counted.

“So we're encouraging churches to have a ballot gathering Sunday or Sundays in the month of October,” he says, “where they can make sure that every single member of their congregation is registered to vote and votes.”

McCoy told American Family Radio this week that California is home to 15 million evangelicals but only half are registered, and only half of those who are registered vote for president every four years.

If those indifferent Evangelicals register and vote, Dacus says, it would turn California “into a solid ‘red’ state” instead of the liberal “blue” state it is today.

McCoy was interviewed on the “Today’s Issues” program Wednesday morning, where he raised the issue of voting and elections. He named Gov. Gavin Newsom by name after he was asked about “nefarious” motives behind the push to keep churches closed across The Golden State.

"In the 2018 election, we got beat pretty bad because they do ballot harvesting," McCoy told the show hosts, referring to questionable election results that flipped numerous GOP-held seats days, and even weeks, after Election Day, Fox News reported at the time.

Pastor McCoy, who himself served the City of Thousands Oaks as mayor and city councilman, told “Today’s Issues” that California is a “one-party state” where Democrats hold a super-majority in both chambers of the state legislature.   

And the state is not only dominated by Democratic politicians, he continued, but also by powerful unions, too.

CA rainbow flag"The only entity left in California that can contend with the California Teachers Association, or Service Employees International Union (SEIU), is the Church," said McCoy. "There's 15 million evangelical Christians in California but half of them are not registered to vote, and of the half that are registered to vote, only half of those vote in a presidential election."

As a result, McCoy warned, the Church has to wake up.

"I kind of think God is saying, Either be relevant or don't,” the pastor continued. “The governor says that the Church is not essential and the Church doesn't seem to be moved by his declaration."

There are some exceptions, of course, as evidenced by Godspeak defying a court order and by Pastor John MacArthur publicly defying Gov. Newsom and the state government. In late May, too, other California pastors began speaking out and vowed to open the church doors, OneNewsNow reported. 


MacArthur, a respected preacher and author, explained in a lengthy blog post that California’s first lockdown was presented as a “stopgap” measure to slow the virus spread and keep hospitals from being overwhelmed. At the time, MacArthur pointed out, there were predictions of two million dead and Grace Community Church supported those measures.

McCoy has made a similar argument: Ventura County's population of 846,000 residents has a death rate below one percent from COVID-19, and hence the church refuses to keep its door closed any longer. 

According to MacArthur, the Church did not yield its “spiritual authority” to the secular government after keeping its doors closed for more than 20 weeks so the leaders at Grace church were opening the doors again and holding services, and declaring they answer to God first.

According to McCoy's warning, however, the State of California has declared war on the Church but the Church has yet to wake up and realize it. 


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