Church of Sweden LGBTQ kids' guide: Jesus queer

Sunday, April 7, 2019
Michael F. Haverluck (

Sweden flagThe Swedish Church is distributing an LGBTQ guide it designed for “Christian queer kids” that identifies Jesus as “queer” and describes the Old Testament’s Joseph as a transvestite.

As a division of the Church of Sweden, the Diocese of Västerås is giving away what it calls a "survival guide for Christian queer kids," which directly opposes biblical teachings on human sexuality.

Rationalizing sexual immorality

Even though the Church of Sweden is Protestant, its radical views on human sexuality are far from the conservative biblical doctrine held by most mainline Christian denominations, as the LGBTQ propaganda “guide” for children seeks to rationalize homosexual and other alternative lifestyles by reinventing and intentionally misinterpreting Scripture.

“The guide claims that the Bible is not against homosexuality because the word, ‘homosexuality,’ is not mentioned and that the places that have been interpreted as dealing with homosexuality are not about a homosexual love relationship, but about exploitation or rape,” the Swedish news site Nya DagBladet explained.

As opposed to providing “survival” techniques for queer Christian youth, the LGBTQ promotional material infiltrating the Swedish church seeks to indoctrinate young Christians with an LGBTQ-friendly lexicon and a new interpretation of Scripture that perfectly aligns with the homosexual agenda.

“On [the church’s] website, [it is written that] the guide contains definitions and concepts, a bit about the Bible and LGBTQ, as well as Bible stories that are important for LGBTQ people,” the Swedish news site informed. “The guide also [describes] several terms, such as ‘cisperson,’ ‘gender fluid,’ ‘nonbinary,’ ‘queer,’ ‘two-sex norm,’ ‘rainbow fairs’ and more.”

Reinventing key Bible figures

The blasphemous teachings in the church’s LGBTQ guide for children even goes as far as to imply that Jesus was queer.

“[Jesus] is described as a man who ‘broke the norm,’” the Nya DagBladet recounted. “According to the guide, some call him ‘queer’ for His way of life when He ‘questioned the norms of that time.’ [It claims] He ‘also did not defend the traditional family’ and should have known love for many, ‘both men and women.’"

The guide also extrapolates its LGBTQ worldview onto Jesus’ mother, Mary, who it portrays as someone who challenged the conventional sexual morality laid out by God in Jewish Scripture at the time.

“The Bible's Mary is described as a girl who ‘dares to break traditional sex norms in a patriarchal society,’" the Swedish news site recounted.

Stretching its teachings to the Old Testament, the guide freely given out by the Church of Sweden indicates that because Joseph wore a coat of many colors given to him by his father, Jacob, he had homosexual leanings.

“Joseph is painted as a different dreamer who ‘breaks the norms in terms of gender expression and probably went in a suit intended for a king's daughter,’" the Swedish news group added.

The head of the diocese of children’s and youth issues in the ward department, Cecilia Redner is listed as the publisher and contact of the guide, which is complete with a segment titled, “Are you a unicorn?”

LGBTQ invading churches

The extremist homosexual views being embraced and taught within the Body of Christ may come as a shocker to some Christians, but it should be less than surprising with the LGBTQ indoctrination that has been going on virtually uncontested in schools and universities around the globe for decades.

“No, this isn't just some radical college course about the Bible,” CBN News asserted regarding the LGBTQ guide. “This is coming from the actual Church of Sweden.”

Conservative evangelical organizations have long recognized the trend of the Church being infiltrated and won over by LGBT activists campaign shrouded with terms such as “inclusion,” “tolerance” and “anti-discrimination” to make it appear as a civil rights issue.

“This is part of a growing support for LGBTQ values within left-leaning segments of the church,” CBN News’ Christian Ellis pointed out. “Different denominations have battled internally with approving gay clergy.”

He also mentioned how different divisions of the Christian faith have united to embrace LGBT doctrine and rebuke biblical teachings when it comes to human sexuality.

“[At] the Revoice Conference in the U.S., Catholic and Protestants came together to condemn ‘Christian versions of heteronormativity’ and demanded Christians ‘to subvert straight privilege when it causes difficulties for gays," Ellis recounted.

Decade-old trend …

Embracing the LGBT lifestyle is nothing new with the Synod of the Lutheran Church of Sweden, which voted to hold church weddings for homosexual couples nearly a decade ago – a decision approved by 176 of 249 (70 percent) voting members at a significant time in Sweden’s history concerning its handling of LGBT issues

“The decision [came] just three days after the 30th anniversary of the date when homosexuality stopped being classified as a disease in Sweden,” The Local reported in October 2009.

At the time, Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU) Secretary General Åsa Regnér – whose organization is ranked as Sweden’s largest LGBTQ rights group – said the vote reflected the country’s general stance on LGBTQ issues.

“The Synod’s decision takes a stance in favor of an inclusive view of people,” Regnér proclaimed in a statement after the vote, according to The Local. “Regardless of whether one is religious or not, this affects the entire social climate and the view of people’s equal value.”

Even years before the vote, homosexual couples were embraced by the church, making Sweden one of the pioneers when it comes to normalizing homosexuality.

“Since 2007, the Church of Sweden – which counts around 74 percent of Swedes as members – has offered gays a religious blessing of their union,” The Local noted in its report. “The ruling by the Synod – which has 251 delegates - two of which were absent from Thursday's vote – puts Sweden among the first countries in the world to allow gays to marry in a major church.”

But representatives of Sweden’s Orthodox and Catholic churches condemned the decision.

“It is with great sor[row] that we receive news that the Church of Sweden’s Synod has today decided to wed same-sex couples that it will be referred to as marriage,” Vicar Fredrik Emanuelson of the Catholic Church and Father Misha Jaksic, coordinator of the family of Orthodox Churches at the Christian Council of Sweden (CCS), wrote in a joint statement. “This is a step backwards – not only from Christian tradition, but also from all of the major world’s religions views of what marriage is. We don’t wed same-sex couples in our churches and faith communities because doing so stands in clear opposition to the church’s tradition and to our entire view of creation.”



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