Anti-Semitism spurs 'aliyah,' fulfilling Bible prophesy

Thursday, July 26, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (

Dome of the Rock 2Five hundred Jewish immigrants from France and the Ukraine were welcomed by Jewish and Christian leaders earlier this week at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport – part of a mass return to their homeland that was prophesied in the Bible in the Old Testament.

As Israel celebrates its 70th anniversary of being reestablished as a nation after two millennia of its people being dispersed across the world, hundreds are returning home – marking a sign of the End Times to fulfill Bible prophesy heading toward the Second Coming of Christ.

The mass return to the modern-day Jewish State is called “aliyah” in Hebrew, which means “going up to the land of Israel,” and over the years, thousands of new immigrants have joined millions of other Jews who have already returned home in this period that many Bible scholars have recognized as the last days.

Anti-Semitism in France speeding up aliyah

Outgoing Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharaksy and the nonprofit group’s new chairman, Isaac Herzog, greeted one of the latest batches of Jews to return to Israel – most of whom are escaping religious persecution suffered in France as a result of the increasing Muslim population spurred by the so-called “refugee crisis.”

“Nearly 200 of these brand-new, soon-to-be Israelis are from France, and many of them are children,” CBN News announced. “France is just one of a number of countries in Europe and throughout the globe where the danger to Jews is growing.”

Angels of Zion Director Danielle Mor said that the hatred of Jews in Europe is nothing new – as was especially witnessed during the holocaust of World War II – but most of today’s anti-Semitism is at the hands of militant Muslims, not Nazis, who refer to Israel as “Little Satan.”

"It's very concerning what's happening in western Europe [and] also in other parts of the world, where you see anti-Semitism raising its ugly head – whether it's in the form of anti-Semitism or anti-Israel sentiments, which are basically just masking anti-Semitism," Mor told CBN News.

She stressed that the Jewish Agency’s promise to offer Jews throughout the world a safe haven back in Israel has been kept since 1948 – when Israel was put back on the map as a nation after being eradicated 2,000 years ago.

"Never again!” Mor exclaimed. “Never again will there be a Jewish person who is in danger, who is full of hope, who wants to come to Israel and the doors are closed."

Thierry Haddad – a French Jew newly arrived from France – shared how anti-Semitic violence spurred by Islam and carried out by its adherents helped him make up his mind to make the move to Israel.

"It's more and more true," Thierry insisted, according to CBN News.. "Also, the politics [politicians] try to protect, but it's difficult."

One Jewish immigrant from Paris said that it was not anti-Semitism that drove her to move, noting that she just felt a personal calling to leave France for Israel.

"I would be with my people and my God on my land,” new immigrant Sarah Rachel Levy, who made the trip by herself, told CBN News. “It was an obligation for me. If I didn't do that, it's like I am dead. I don't know how to say it."

Exodus from the Ukraine

Joining the 200 French Jews who arrived in Israel Monday, nearly 300 Jews from the Ukraine arrived at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport on Tuesday after representatives of the Israeli Interior Ministry issued them Israeli ID cards in Europe prior to their flight – as a means to cut through the red tape once they set foot in the Holy Land.

Instead of fleeing persecution at the hands of Muslims, it was pointed out by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) – which flew 293 new immigrants from the Ukraine into Israel – that most Ukrainian Jews are fleeing their country for Israel to escape economic hardship and ongoing violence due to the Ukrainian Civil War.

IFCJ Director General Jeff Kaye and Israeli Immigration and Absorption Minister Sofa Landver were there to greet nearly 300 new arrivals making aliyah Tuesday, along with a group of singing and dancing volunteers celebrating at the airport.

“In an unprecedented move, representatives from the Interior Ministry were sent to the Ukraine prior to the flight to issue Israeli ID cards to the group of immigrants as a way to reduce the bureaucratic procedures once in Israel,” the Jerusalem Post reported. “The IFCJ stresses that this is rarely done and helps the immigrants to focus on other tasks such as registering for schools and finding employment.”

To make for a smooth transition into their new home, plans have already been made to locate, settle and establish the new Jewish immigrants – with about a quarter of them being minors.

“This week’s arrivals are expected to be absorbed in 33 cities across the country, most (38) settling in Haifa, 28 in Nahariya, 23 in Upper Nazareth and 22 in Rishon Lezion,” the Jerusalem Post informed. “Of the arrivals, 74 are children under the age of 18, and 47 are under the age of 10. The youngest arrival is seven months old, and the oldest is 80.

Migration from the north and across the Atlantic

Besides those arriving from France and the Ukraine, many Jews making aliyah to Israel over the years began their journey from Russia and South America.

“Sharansky – a world-renowned human rights activist and former Russian dissident – made aliyah when he was released from the Soviet Union in 1978,” CBN News’ John Waage noted.

All of the turmoil inside and outside of Israel in the Middle East – commonly called the “Powder Keg” – has done little to nothing to deter Jews from making aliyah and fulfilling Bible prophesy.

"Despite all the challenges of today in Israel – and despite all the slander against it – Jews continue to make aliyah, and the number of immigrants is rising from year to year," Sharansky told the new gathering of Jews at the airport in Israel, according to CBN News.

All Nations Convocation in Jerusalem Director Tom Hess stressed that the 700 references to aliyah in the Bible make it more than clear that a Jewish homecoming in the last days is something that is close to God’s heart.

Hess is one of many Christian leaders who helped organize the welcome-home ceremony for the new arrivals, as prominent evangelicals have been playing a crucial role in getting Jewish immigrants to return home for decades.

"It says in Scripture that God will bring His people back from the north, south, east and west,” Hess explained. “Most of the people have come from the north and the south and the east, but 90 percent of the people outside of Israel today are in the West. So, we know there's going to be a massive Aliyah – not only continuing from the north, but from the west. God will bring back millions and millions of Jews."

Geology pointing to Aliyah in the last days?

It has also been claimed by one veteran investigative journalist that the migration back to Israel has been coded into the Earth’s latitude.

Breaking Israel News (BIN) Investigative Journalist Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz asserts that another prophesy is ultimately calling for a “return” to Israel – a return that he says is coming soon … and a return that he says will also be the last.

With Jews retuning to the Holy Land in ones, two and multitudes since the land was set apart for God in Old Testament times several thousand years ago, it was forecasted that there will come a time – soon – when exiles will cease to exist.

“[Berkowitz] interviewed Saul Kullook, who has developed a formula correlating the axis of the earth and the latitudes of Israel’s biblical borders to such events,” WND reported. “He immigrated to Israel in 1974 from his native Argentina and has since developed studies of the mathematical structures in the Hebrew Bible.”

After immigrating to Israel, he made some interesting observations.

“Remarkably, he discovered predefined timings for major physical events involving the people of Israel during the last 3,500 years – which are correlated to physical events,” BIN’s Berkowitz informed. “Kullook is in the process of publishing his study.”

His research points to geological processes being in sync with the Jews’ final exodus home.

“One of his discoveries was a link between major events regarding the return of the Jewish people to Israel and two observable physical factors – ‘the inclination of the planet and the latitude of the biblical borders in Israel,’” the BIN report added. “He said that while the formulas are a little complicated, it’s something else that scares off scientists.”

An explanation was given in more detail why the scientific community is hesitant to corroborate Kullook’s findings.

“They fear the implications,” the native Argentinian and current Israeli insisted. “It proves that God established a timetable in nature – that this is what determines the movement of the Earth, and not just the known laws of nature.”

And here is the Kullook’s formula:

“The inclination of the planet on the year of the immigration plus the constant angular value equals the latitude of a border of Israel,” the researcher explained. “The formula means that if I know the latitude of the border, I subtract the constant angular value to obtain the mean inclination of the Earth, from where the time at which this inclination took place gives the date of the event. Conversely, if I know the date, I can use the formula, insert the axial value and get the latitude of the border. This is an absolute correlation.”

He emphasized that humans are not in control of the variables involved.

“[T]he timing of a significant number of biblical and historical events involving the migratory movements of the Israelites to and from the biblical land was – and will be – predefined,” Kullook noted.

On example, he said, can be drawn from the fact that biblical and Talmudic sources put the year of the Jew’s Exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land at 1,476 B.C.

“This means that the children of Israel came into the land of Israel in 1,436 BCE, which, according to my formula, correlates with the latitude of Jericho – their entry point into the land,” Kullook continued.

He assured that his formula has as many implications for the future as it had for the past, pointing out that the latitude of Israel’s southernmost point – along the Arnon River – corresponds to the year 2019.

“The results show the year before an aliyah (immigration to Israel, literally ‘ascending’),” Kullook impressed, according to BIN. “This means that in [approximately] two years, there will be an aliyah which, according to the calculations, will be the largest yet. Since it is the most southern latitude of all the borders of Israel, this is the final aliyah and there will be no more exiles.”



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