2.7K-yr. 'miracle' return: 30% of India's 'lost tribe' back in Israel

Monday, July 2, 2018
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

Jerusalem (aerial view)In what is being called the “miracle” return, more than 30 percent of approximately 10,000 “lost tribe” members – whose ancestors were conquered by the Assyrians in Israel and scattered to India 2,700 years ago – have returned to the reestablished nation of Israel, as prophesied in the Bible.

“He will hold up a signal to the nations and assemble the banished of Yisrael and gather the dispersed of Yehuda from the four corners of the earth,” Isaiah 11:12 (The Israel Bible) states.

Miracle still in the making

Even though 70 percent of the Bnei Menashe tribe still remains along the Burma and Bangladesh border of India, God’s people continue to return to Israel in waves – fulfilling God’s prophesy.

“[According to the prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel, the 10 tribes largely comprising that apostate nation – divided from the Southern Kingdom of Judah, the descendants of Manasseh and Ephrain, the sons of Joseph – would return because God’s ‘hand is stretched out still’ in welcome (Isaiah 9:21 KJV),” WND reported.

Shavei Israel Chairman Rabbi Michael Freund, whose organization is devoted to finding the “lost and hidden Jews and helping them reconnect with Israel,” is behind the tribe’s movement in waves – most exceeding 100 – back to the Jewish State.

“[L]ast week, [Freund] brought 225 more members of Bnei Menashe home,” WND announced.

After an earlier wave of more than a 100 arrived Israel in March, the rabbi compared the return to Moses leading God’s people back to the Promised Land from Pharaoh’s hands.

“It’s most appropriate they are arriving … one week before the holiday of Passover,” Freund told Breaking Israel News. “They are one of the lost tribes and a part of our extended family. The B’nei Menashe never forgot who they were, where they came from, and where they wanted to return to – and that is why Hashem is blessing them for their faithfulness.”

He sees the lost tribe of India’s return to Israel apart from the other tribes as falling right in line with Scripture.

“The return of the Bnei Menashe is a clear and explicit indication that we have entered a new stage of the Redemption,” Freund stressed to Breaking Israel News last week. “In so many places, the prophets talked about the return of Judah and the return of Israel. At first glance it seems repetitive, unless it was intended to tell us that the tribes of Israel were meant to return separately from the tribe of Judah, or, what we know today as the Jews. The prophecy clearly states that the tribes of Israel and Judah will return separately, and that is what is happening right now with the Bnei Menashe.”

But his work in India is far from over.

“Shavei Israel has brought over 3,500 Bnei Menashe to Israel, helping them through the difficult process of becoming acclimated and settled in a new country,” WND pointed out. “There are still another 7,000 Bnei Menashe remaining in India.”

A long journey

After an extensive journey eastward through Asia that took them through many nations, the lost tribe ended up in modern-day India.

“They have an oral tradition that they are descended from the tribe of Menashe – one of the ten tribes which were taken as slaves when the Assyrians invaded the Northern Kingdom of Israel in 721 BCE,” Breaking Israel News’ Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz noted back in March. “Their travels in exile took them through Persia, and Afghanistan, Hindu-Kush and Tibet. They arrived in Kaifeng in East Central China around 240 BCE after which their final stop was Manipur in Northeast India.”

And India is not the only country from which Freund is endeavoring to bring God’s people back home as the Last Days approach.

“Freund founded Shavei Israel to seek people with Jewish roots who have become disconnected from the Jewish people,” WND informed. “He has helped bring home Jews who converted under the Russian czars 200 years ago, Poles who were put up for adoption by their Jewish parents during the Holocaust, descendants of Jews who arrived in Kaifeng China over 1,000 years ago and Bnei Anousim descended from Jews who were forcibly converted to Catholicism during the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions of the 14th and 15th centuries.”

Reason for Christians to rejoice

Freund stressed that both Jews and Christians are being blessed by the new arrivals, and pointed to the Old Testament to demonstrate that prophesy says non-Jews will play a key role in the pre-Messianic ingathering of the exiles that must take place before Jesus Christ returns in His Second Coming to usher in the End Times.

“Thus said Hashem: I will raise My hand to nations And lift up My ensign to peoples; And they shall bring your sons in their bosoms, And carry your daughters on their backs,” Freund recited from Isaiah 49:22 in the Israel Bible.

He said that those who search and truly understand the Scriptures are aware that prophesy is rapidly being fulfilled to usher in the Last Days.

“Anyone who takes the Bible seriously should realize that God’s promises from long ago are coming to pass now,” Freund impressed, according to Breaking Israel News. “There is no reason to sit on the sidelines and just watch. Bible-believing Christians can carry us with their love and encouragement and support. This is an incredible opportunity to take part in the divine plan.”

Christians playing key role in bringing Jews back home

Believers in Jesus Christ have been hard-at-work to bring God’s people back home in recent years.

Even though Aliyah started out being completely funded as a Jewish-based mission, an AP tally shows that evangelical Christians have increasingly stepped in to the point where they are now funding about one-third of all immigrants moving back to Israel.

“International Fellowship of Christians and Jews says it spent nearly $20 million on Aliyah since 2014, with $188 million previously going to the Jewish Agency to facilitate Aliyah in the two decades that preceded it,” The Associated Press (AP) reported in a report published by YNetNews.com in March. “Israel’s founding fathers, who etched a commitment to encouraging Jewish immigration into the declaration of independence, might be surprised to find that, seven decades later, the state is relying on Christians to fulfill that promise. The figures reflect the ever-tightening relationship between Israel and its evangelical Christian allies, whom Israel has come to count on for everything from political support to tourism dollars.”

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews President Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein – whose organization raises money to support Jewish causes – recognizes and appreciates the generous support of Christians.

“After 2,000 years of oppression and persecution, today you have Christians who are helping Jews,” Eckstein told the AP. “This is an amazing thing.”

America’s longstanding financial support of Israel in various ways – especially from evangelical Christians – has helped the country reach its position of prominence today.

“Israel has long depended on diaspora Jewish communities – especially in the United States – for donations and to lobby their local governments on its behalf, but evangelical communities have become increasingly important,” the AP report stated. “Israeli charities raise millions of dollars from Christians around the world, and evangelical Christians make up 13 percent of all tourists to Israel. A parliamentary caucus works with evangelical legislators around the world to foster support for Israel.”

Evangelical Christians are largely responsible for putting President Donald Trump in office, and his unwavering support of Israel – as seen in defending the nation against incessant United Nations attacks, as well as from moving the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – is greatly appreciated by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is aware all that Christians are doing to lift up Israel.

“Israel has no better friends – I mean that – no better friends in the world than the Christian communities around the world,” Netanyahu told a Christian media summit in Jerusalem last year, according to AP.

Since Israel was put back on the map 70 years ago after 2,000 years of being a scattered nation of people, it has gained much international support.

“European and American Jewish philanthropists championed immigration to Israel, known as ‘Aliyah,’ or ascending, even before the creation of the state in 1948, by working to settle Jews in what was then Ottoman and British Palestine,” AP informed. “In the decades after independence, the government partnered with Jewish groups to organize dramatic airlifts of Jews from troubled countries. Christian support for the Aliyah largely began with the collapse of the Soviet Union and has grown in recent years as American Jews have redirected charitable donations to niche causes. That has forced nonprofits to expand their pool of benefactors.”

Jewish Agency Spokesman Yigal Palmor – whose nonprofit group spearheads Jewish immigration to Israel – says all the help Israelis can get from abroad is well-received,

“We don’t see any reason why not to rely on help – including donations – from all our friends around the world, be they Jewish, Christian or others,” Palmor impressed, according to AP.

Last year alone, tens of thousands of Jews returned to Israel from around the globe – thanks in great part to Christian funding.

“Of the more than 28,000 Jews who immigrated to Israel in 2017, at least 8,500 arrived thanks to Christian donations, according to official figures and numbers provided by the Fellowship and Jerusalem’s International Christian Embassy – another prominent group that raises money from evangelicals,” AP recounted. “The Jewish Agency receives additional undisclosed funds from other Christian donors – meaning that share could be even higher.”



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