Israeli Knesset: Trump inauguration a 'miracle'

Saturday, January 21, 2017
Michael F. Haverluck (

Donald Trump, president-electIn response to President Donald Trump’s pre-presidency vows to stand with Israel in its ongoing battle with the Palestinians – and reverse the anti-Israeli foreign policy of now former President Barack Obama – one member of the Israeli Knesset called the new commander-in-chief’s inauguration a modern-day “miracle” from God.

At a special inauguration prayer meeting congregating at Greater New Hope Baptist Church in downtown Washington, D.C. – which was held to celebrate the new relationship between America and Israel the afternoon before Trump was pledged in as the 45th president of the United States – a member of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party gave a special thanks to God for the new pro-Israeli president.

Modern-day miracles

Israeli Knesset member Yehuda Glick told the prayer gathering that the thought of believers in Christ rallying for the Jewish State at a time centuries ago would be unheard of, and he went on to share with Christians in the nation’s capital about the numerous miracles with which he has witnessed God blessing Israel since it reemerged as a nation back in 1948.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the fact that there would be Christians supporting Israel [if the idea were mentioned hundreds of years ago] would be inconceivable – impossible … a miracle!" Glick exclaimed to worshipers at the church, according to The Christian Post (CP).

One of the miracles Glick was alluding to involved an intervention from God in his own life that took place less than two years ago.

“In October 2014, Glick, an orthodox rabbi, barely survived an assassination attempt after he was shot four times in the chest by a Muslim attacker standing just one foot away from him,” CP informed. “The shooter was reportedly angry about Glick's advocacy that everyone – Jews, Christians and Muslims – ought to be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.”

Glick recounted the vicious jihadist attack and the hope he was given by God shortly afterward.

"I was critically injured, there was no chance," the Orthodox Jew remembered out loud, calling his near encounter with near death a sign from God that He still has important plans for his life.

He then described the impending swearing in of Trump as another intervention from God.

"Tomorrow – 21 hours from now, and 14 minutes – there will be another miracle!" he orated to cheering attendees. 

Glick proceeded by asking the crowd at the church – which used to be the location where the Washington Hebrew Congregation, a Jewish synagogue, met for worship – if they truly believed that Trump, as the underdog, beat the heavily favored Democratic rival for the presidency, Hillary Clinton, by mere chance.

"How many people in this room – true to themselves, a year ago, six months ago – believed that Donald Trump would be the next president of the United States of America?" he posed.

Increasing American support for Israel

Glick expressed his thankfulness that Israel can now look forward to a U.S. president who will champion the existence of Israel in the Middle East and advocate its right to defend it own land that God had given to the Jewish people millennia ago, as recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Support for Israel has increased in recent weeks in the wake of former President Barack Obama’s refusal to veto an anti-Israel resolution that was passed on Christmas Eve by the United Nations Security Council, which condemned Israel for the construction of Jewish settlements within its own borders in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Also showing support for Israel at the prayer meeting and speaking before those in attendance were fellow Knesset and Likud Party member Sharen Haskel – who has been dubbed the “Israeli Margaret Thatcher – and Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.).

Both the conservative Israeli leader and the American congressman from Arizona reassured the crowd about America’s new and enthusiastic commitment to champion the Jewish State and its people during the upcoming years of the Trump administration – a stark departure from the Obama administration’s eight years of pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel foreign policy.


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