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  • May 25, 2017
    Michael F. Haverluck

    TX gov. signs bill protecting pastors' sermons

    Greg Abbott (TX guv)Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) signed Senate Bill 24 Friday, which prevents the state officials from issuing subpoenas demanding that pastors hand over their sermon messages for government inspection.

  • May 23, 2017
    Bill Bumpas

    Roy Peterson: 'That copy of Scripture changed my life'

    Bible 2The president and CEO of the American Bible Society credits his being where he is today to the copy of God's Word he received while sitting in a jail cell as an inmate in a Mexican prison.

  • May 22, 2017
    Bill Bumpas

    Evangelical leaders question Hanegraaff's new faith

    Bible in lap (black-and-white)The recent announcement that the "Bible Answer Man," Hank Hanegraaff, has converted to Eastern Orthodoxy has raised some concern for evangelical leaders.

  • May 19, 2017
    Michael F. Haverluck

    Move U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, Mr. Trump

    Dome of the RockApproximately five dozen pro-Israel Christian leaders representing 60 million believers in the United States are petitioning President Donald Trump through a letter to keep his promise and move the U.S. Embassy from its current location in Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital in Jerusalem.

  • May 17, 2017
    Steve Jordahl

    What are believers believing exactly?

    megachurchResearch shows only 17 percent of practicing Christians have a biblical worldview. So if that's the case, then what do they believe?

  • May 16, 2017
    Michael F. Haverluck

    Zacharias: Millennials 'burned out' sexually, searching

    college scene (CalState-Los Angeles)Renowned apologist Ravi Zacharias asserts that Millennials are finding that their unrestrained sexual expression is leaving them feeling empty – and hungry to find to find the real Jesus.

  • May 14, 2017
    Michael F. Haverluck

    Raped at 6, Josh McDowell: Protect kids from porn at 5

    man using computer in dark roomEvangelical leader Josh McDowell, who raped when he was homosexually raped at the age of six, is sending out a warning for parents that they should prepare their children to face the dangers of pornography at the age of five.

  • May 11, 2017
    Chris Woodward

    Evangelical Left unbiblically bashes 'Trumpcare'

    MedicaidA conservative Christian author and commentator takes exception to what she calls the health care shaming by progressive evangelicals.

  • May 04, 2017
    Michael F. Haverluck

    Greg Laurie: Could NK threat spell Last Days for U.S.?

    North Korean missile launchAcclaimed Southern California evangelist Greg Laurie has warned that North Korea’s nuclear threat on the United States could play into End Times prophesy – not indicating that the rogue nations is mentioned in the Bible, but that America is nowhere to be found in the Last Days.

  • April 28, 2017
    Michael F. Haverluck

    Lotz warns Christians to get ready for the Rapture

    Anne Graham Lotz speakingEvangelist Anne Graham Lotz is sending a dire reminder to Christians that the Rapture can be just moments away, and warns that failing to be prepared for this “trip” – as the world enters the Last Days – is a tragedy.

  • April 27, 2017
    Michael F. Haverluck

    Trump cabinet fellowships thru prayer, Bible study

    U.S. Capitol 2President Donald Trump’s cabinet has made a commitment to engage in a weekly fellowship of prayer and Bible study to help lead America down a more  godly and successful path.

  • April 26, 2017
    Michael F. Haverluck

    Anglicans challenge Church of England's homosexual agenda

    Church of EnglandAs the Church of England continues to soften its stance on homosexuality, conservative Anglican leaders are preparing to unleash their “nuclear option” by moving to elect their own bishop to depose Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby over his embracing of same-sex “marriage.”




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