Defeating Christians is Hillary's 'career goal,' says Metaxas

Saturday, August 13, 2016
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Hillary hand outstretched spotlightChristian scholar and bestselling author Eric Metaxas challenged Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s recent claim that she has spent years defending religious liberty, arguing that if there was ever an enemy to religious freedom, it would be her.

His response targeted Clinton’s recent remarks that she made in her op-ed that was published in a Mormon-run newspaper in Utah, where she assured Americans that she is the best presidential candidate in the upcoming election for religious freedom voters.  

"I've been fighting to defend religious freedom for years," Clinton insisted her column posted this week in Deseret News. "As secretary of state, I made it a cornerstone of our foreign policy to protect the rights of religious minorities around the world — from Coptic Christians in Egypt to Buddhists in Tibet."

While addressing the issue of religious liberty, she also took the opportunity to try and take a stab at her rival, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, alluding to his earlier call to temporarily halt Muslim immigration to curb the ongoing jihadist terrorist threats.

"[Trump would] undo centuries of American tradition and values," the former secretary of state argued.

The irony …

Metaxas was quick to call Clinton’s self-proclamation of being a champion of religious freedom little more than a “cynical joke,” especially with her track record on the issue in the United States.

"I am stunned at the level of cynicism from Hillary Clinton to make a statement like that," the Christian leader told Fox News Thursday. "It’s ugly to hear her talk about religious liberty.”

He went on to say that ironically, Clinton is the exact opposite to what she claims to be.

“She is the enemy,” Metaxas added. “If ever there was an enemy of religious liberty in America, it's Hillary Rodham Clinton, and every American should be frightened to death on that issue."

Metaxas then brought up Clinton’s assertion in her column about her “tolerant” stance regarding religion … when she made the following contention:

"Americans don't have to agree on everything, [but] we strive to be accepting of everyone around us," Clinton wrote to the newspaper’s Mormon readership, according to The Christian Post.

Yet Metaxas contends that the former first lady’s religious tolerance ends when it comes to Bible-believing Christians, especially when it comes to social issues concerning moral behavior.

"[S]he has a very cavalier attitude toward people who have traditional faith," he pointed out.

A new brand of tolerance

Metaxas agrees that those with unconventional views should not be silenced, ignored or treated unfairly, arguing that some kind of just solution that respects all parties involved must be reached.

"So in America, we always talk about respecting minorities and that is correct — you don't let the majority overwhelm the minority," Metaxas maintained. "So, if there are a group of people that have a different view of sexuality, it doesn't matter what that view is, you look at it and you say, 'We need to figure out a way to treat these people respectfully, even if we disagree.'"

He went on to point out that Clinton only approaches situations with tolerance and compassion when working with those who share her progressive mindset on social issues, such as same-sex “marriage” and abortion.

"It doesn't matter what side of that issue you are — you have to respect both sides," Metaxas continued. "Hillary Rodham Clinton has made it her career goal really to work with progressives against those kind of people."

A prime example of this selective tolerance surfaced last year when Clinton insisted that biblical “religious beliefs” standing in opposition to abortion “have to be changed” — and not accommodated. Being the first presidential candidate in a primary race to be endorsed by Planned Parenthood in its 100-year history, Clinton’s activism for abortion and unconditional commitment to the scandal-plagued abortion giant is also witnessed through her radical stance of opposing abortion restrictions until the end of a pregnant woman’s third trimester.

Pointing out more irony, Metaxas said both Clinton and President Barack Obama coined the term “freedom of worship” in an attempt to appeal to the religious majority.

"She is talking about what you do in a building on a Sunday morning, right? Freedom of religion is different,” the pro-family advocate impressed. “Freedom of religion is what you do when you come out of that building and Obama and Hillary Clinton would have us bow to the secular authority of the state. That is the antithesis of what the founders enshrined in religious liberty, and every American should be scared. It's not about Christians. It's about American freedom."

A champion of all beliefs?

Embracing the vote of religious minorities, Clinton assured Americans in her op-ed that she would fight for people in America to worship whatever and how ever they choose.

"[W]e hold fast to the belief that everyone has the right to worship however he or she sees fit," she wrote.

Yet it is argued that this proclamation of championing the religious freedom of minorities abroad does not hold true for the aspiring first female president when it comes to her tack record on American soil.

"But such an accomplishment rings hollow, given that Clinton has made no effort to defend religious freedom here in the U.S.," National Review’s Alexandra Desanctis reported. "In fact, she has actively worked against religious minorities for the sake of her other cherished causes, specifically expansive access to abortion and the supremacy of LGBT rights."

Proving her case, Desanctis stated how the Leftist White House hopeful attempted to block proposed laws in numerous states that would have permitted Christians and others with conservative ideals to act on their conscience with regards to same-sex marriage. Clinton insists that forcing Christians and others to participate in “gay” marriages against their beliefs is perfectly fine, arguing that legislation protecting such traditional biblical convictions discriminate against the LGBT community and are unjust.

Misleading the masses?

But Desanctis says that Clinton simply misrepresents the argument in order to confuse people to join her side of the debate.

"The recent Indiana and Arkansas RFRAs — and the distinct-but-related 'bathroom bill' in North Carolina — do not in fact legalize discrimination against LGBT citizens, but rather allow business owners to freely exercise their religion by not participating in activities they find unconscionable, such as same-sex wedding ceremonies," the conservative reporter pointed out. "No one is permitted by these laws to deny service to a customer on the basis of his being gay, for instance, as is often insinuated by liberals."

Clinton’s widespread attack on religious freedom has been witnessed through her opposition to the U.S. Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling that permitted the Christian-owned and operated corporation to have a religious exemption from an Obamacare mandate that ordered employers to pay for abortifacients and other forms of birth control in its medical coverage. She also publicized her opposition to the Little Sisters of the Poor in a similar lawsuit because of the Catholic order’s pro-life stance on the coverage issue.

"Yes, [Clinton's] dedication to 'reproductive rights' is so extreme that she wanted to force nuns to provide their employees with abortifacient drugs and other contraceptives," Desanctis stressed.

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