Veteran of front-line corporate fights ready to train new troops

Tuesday, April 27, 2021
Chris Woodward (

BLM logo Black Lives MatterAn organization that confronts corporate CEOs over far-left policies says the American public must start speaking up to counter the Left or else witness corporate leaders keep ignoring their conservative views and their buying power.

In the newly-published Investor Value Voter Guide, authored by the Free Enterprise Project, conservative stock holders will get an eye-opening update about today’s corporate boardrooms where the push for progressive and “woke” policies shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, the public watched that reality unfold in recent weeks when it learned that 100 corporate leaders have collectively denounced state legislatures that pass election-integrity laws. Those laws are described by the Left as racist “voter suppression” efforts that harm minorities, and that view was seconded by corporations that staked out a side in a hot-button issue. 

Atlanta-based Coca-Cola, a household name worth an estimated $200 billion, demonstrated that effort by denouncing Georgia's new election law. Only weeks earlier, the same corporation was outed by a whistleblower for its "Be Less White" anti-racism training that was foisted on thousands of white employees. In the seminar, white employees were instructed to admit to their racist feelings of superiority.  

The public also recently learned a Black Lives Matter co-founder  purchased four homes despite being a self-described Marxist, and for that she can thank major corporations that wrote half-million dollar checks and pledged to address “white privilege” among their own employees.   

Coca-Cola logo (red)Justin Danhof, now a veteran of confronting corporate leaders through the National Center for Public Policy Research, says the Voter Guide is marking its second publication at the same time corporations are wildly embracing left-wing causes.

“We break down what the Left is trying to do to corporate America,” he says of the guide, “including training on critical race theory nonsense, and non-management employees on the board, which is code word for union members."

Launched in 2007, the National Center's Free Enterprise Project focuses on shareholder activism and is responsible for more than 90% of right-of-center resolutions that are debated and voted on at shareholder meetings. That effort is dwarfed by dozens of far-left groups that file their own left-wing resolutions and can point to win after win year after year.

The root of Marxism and progressivism is that today’s capitulation is never enough so, according to Danhof, the few corporations that are not “woke” are being lobbied hard to embrace left-wing causes and therefore prove their wokeness.


"Many of the companies that are not sufficiently ‘woke’, they're the ones that get lots of shareholder resolutions from the Left because they're trying to hector them into joining in their causes," Danhof advises. "So, you're going to have investments in companies that are not crazy left yet, but if we don't vote these proposals down, they will be."

The in-depth Voter Guide, which totals a whopping 73 pages, delivers step-by-step instructions to shareholders fed up with the left-wing activism. Thanks largely to Danhof’s first-hand experiences at shareholder meetings, the guide describes the current political and cultural climate in corporate boardrooms, which creates a challenge – to say the least – for a public just waking up to that reality. The guide digs deeper, however, and explains how the public can “fight back together” to not only make their views known but force corporations to change.

"The left has figured out how to coalesce their money and vote their values," Danhof continues. "All we've done is put together a guide to help conservatives do the same exact thing.”

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