Business world: Warren unsupportable, will hurt us

Saturday, September 28, 2019
Michael F. Haverluck (

Elizabeth Warren pointingDemocratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is finding that her ultra-left economic policies many consider socialist are unacceptable to corporate Americans, who see her wealth distribution scheme as geared to ultimately put them out of business.

“[Warren and other] Democratic Party presidential candidates have been falling over each other in a lurch to the extreme left, proposing giveaways costing trillions of dollars, including free health care, free college and cancellation of school loans, and that has corporations who typically have donated to Democrats alarmed,” WND reported.

A vote of death?

Heads of corporations – who are devoted to the Democratic Party – are concerned that if they vote within party lines and cast a ballot for Warren or other socialist-minded candidates, they are pretty much sealing their doom.

You're in a box because you're a Democrat and you're thinking, 'I want to help the party, but she's going to hurt me, so I'm going to help President Trump,'” one senior private equity executive admitted to the Washington Examiner.

In fact, some of the Democratic Party’s biggest supporters are thinking about withholding their donations to the party – or even support President Donald Trump – to keep Warren from implementing her Robin Hood policies of fleecing corporate America to fund her radical wealth redistribution policies.

“The Massachusetts senator released a proposal in January to tax the wealth of Americans worth over $50 million,” the Examiner’s Tim Pearce recalled. “Warren has also pushed policies to increase regulations on wealthy businesses, such as corporate banks and private equity firms.”

One top executive at large bank spoke for many fellow Democrats in his position.

"They will not support her,” he contended, according to the Examiner. “It would be like shutting down their industry."

And as Warren continues to catch up to frontrunning Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, many on the left are concerned the Massachusetts senator often dubbed as “Fauxcohontas” will turn previously blue ballots red.

Democrats don’t need corporate America?

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh pointed out how 2020 Democratic presidential candidates have lashed out at corporations, while “Big Business” supports the leftists with “a little wink and nod.”

"The Democrats always have had a certain percentage of their campaign agenda aimed at corporate America, but they've been winking at corporate America all the while because while they bash corporate America in their class envy routine,” Limbaugh asserted on his show. “The Democrats' number-one donor is corporate America, followed by gay Hollywood, followed by Hollywood, and followed by unions."

However, he argues that unapologetically socialist-touting Democrats such as the ultra-left senators from Massachusetts and Vermont have made no bones about being their enemy – in their words and policy.

"Corporate America knows the Democrats aren’t really gonna do anything to them – except now they have,” Limbaugh impressed. “And now, now Elizabeth Warren and Crazy Bernie have got corporate America and Wall Street in their crosshairs, and they're making no bones. There's no wink and nod now."

He brought up the little-known fact that a good proportion of corporate leaders lean to the left politically.

“Wall Street, corporate America, don’t donate in mass to Republicans,” the outspoken conservative voice stressed. “The conventional wisdom has always been the Big Business men – yeah, therefore Republicans … But Big Business, Wall Street, they have been cultural Democrats for I don’t know how long – cultural leftists – and they have been among the [Democratic Party’s] biggest donors.”

Now, he says the ultra-left Democrats are no longer trying to straddle the fence, letting big business know they’re after their money and will use all taxations and penalties necessary to redistribute their wealth.

"Corporate America is now beginning to realize that Crazy Bernie and Elizabeth Warren literally mean it!" Limbaugh exclaimed.

But despite potentially losing tons in campaign funds and votes of corporate America, Warren believes she has enough support from the left to knock off not only Biden and other Democratic candidates in the primaries, but Trump, as well – a champion of the business sector, free enterprise and America’s continuing economic boom.

“Warren does not appear to be troubled by the threats of some of the Democratic Party's largest donors,” Pearce noted. “On Sept. 10, she endorsed a CNBC clip of host Jim Cramer reporting that business executives are somewhat ‘fearful of her winning the presidency.”

Surprising to many, the 70-year-old politician has managed in the polls to pass Biden, who sports a more moderate platform on economic policies.

“Warren has gained support in recent weeks, eclipsing former Vice President Joe Biden as front-runner in national polling for the Democratic primary,” Pearce added.

Shooting herself in the foot

Holding onto her positioning against corporate America appears to be hurting Warren, in regards to campaign funding.

“Warren has sworn off taking part in big money fundraisers for the 2020 presidential primary,” informed. “She has also promised to not take donations from special interest groups … [and] finished raising at least $19 million in the second quarter mainly through small-dollar donors. The third quarter ends Monday.”

She is decisively trailing Trump – a friend of business owners.

“Trump has been raising hundreds of millions of dollars – putting any eventual 2020 rival in a bind as about 20 Democrats vie for their party’s nomination,” CNBC’s Brian Schwartz pointed out. “Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee have raised over $100 million in the second quarter. A large portion of that haul came from wealthy donors who gave to their joint fundraising committee, Trump Victory.”

When comparing the two parties as they gear up for the 2020 presidential election, it appears Republicans are in a much better position.

“In August, the RNC raised just over $23 million and has $53 million on hand,” Schwartz noted. “The Democratic National Committee have struggled to keep up. The DNC finished August bringing in $7.9 million and has $7.2 million in debt.”


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