Gillette cut by $8B loss after 'toxic masculinity' ad

Friday, August 2, 2019
Michael F. Haverluck (

downward trend in businessMany consumers now believe Gillette is “the [worst] a man can get,” after running its “toxic masculinity” commercial berating men as too manly and as sexist bullies and rapists as part of its social justice campaign in the wake of the #MeToo movement, costing the Proctor & Gamble’s personal product division $8 billion after the ad aired in the beginning of the year.

“[I]t turns out men don't like to be insulted and classified as overly masculine, raging sexists – and they're dumping the brand,” Townhall reported. “Gillette's social justice moral preening just cost them $8 billion.”

Shaving away profits

Despite the world’s No. 1 shaving brand’s losses, P&G registered a 7-percent hike in sales and a record high in shares at $121.05 (up 5 percent), as gains in all of its other divisions (10 in all) were reported.

"P&G reported a net loss of about $5.24 billion – or $2.12 per share – for the quarter ended June 30, due to an $8 billion non-cash writedown of Gillette,” Reuters announced. “For the same period last year, P&G’s net income was $1.89 billion, or 72 cents per share."

Looking at the sales figures, emasculating men to embrace their so-called feminine side and shave away their masculinity through an ad that demeans men and caters to feminists, the LGBT community and social justice warriors is apparently not the way to go if the men’s toiletry division wants to survive – Gillette was founded 118 years ago and purchased b P&G in 2005 for $57 billion.

“Gillette’s commercial that blanketed the male gender with the accusation of ‘toxic masculinity’ while using feminist buzzwords and clips of hard-left news organizations was one of the most hated commercials of the past decade,” Red State informed. “As P&G continued to see profits go up for all of their brands, Gillette began suffering profit drops that were revealed last April. Apparently, the drops never stopped.”

Don’t mix business & politics …

Brandon Morse of Red State believes it is just a matter of time before P&G admits airing the controversial “toxic masculinity” ad was a mistake – especially after the mountains of bad press over the issue and being grilled on social media.

“Perhaps P&G isn’t willing to come forward yet with the fact that they made a monumental error in assuming men would take the ‘toxic masculinity’ commercial well, but they should soon,” Morse wrote on Red State. “The brand is damaged enough to lose billions, and men aren’t coming back – especially with cheaper alternatives embracing men for who they are and not assuming the worst about them.”

Crutchfield + Part CEO Dean Crutchfield and his branding firm argue that Gillette must change its stance quickly – before irreparable damage ensues.

“Does the customer want to be told they’re a naughty boy?” Crutchfield posed to the Wall Street Journal shortly after the ad aired. “Are you asking too much of your consumer to be having this conversation with them? It’s about execution. Sometimes brands stretch themselves too fine, and they snap.”

Not amused

The backlash on social media has not relented since January, when a Twitter storm of negative commentaries hit the platform, including:

  • “Get woke, go broke. Stick to selling razors.”
  • “When did shaving have to get political?”
  • “Do we really need ‘woke razors?’”
  • “How to irreparably damage a brand in under 120 seconds: A Documentary.”
  • “Cringe shaving commercial. See this is actually genius. What Gillette is doing here is trying to lower our testosterone to the point we won’t have to shave anymore.”

More than half a year later, unbridled critiques of Gillette’s anti-masculinity ad – which has gone viral and now has more than 31 million views on YouTube – keep on pouring in, with most repulsed by it.

“Maybe those moronic identity politics ad campaigns had something to do with this,” John Cardillo tweeted Wednesday regarding Gillette’s $8-billion loss.

One Twitter user pointed out how social justice advocates’ insistence in January that boycotting the men’s toiletry company would be insignificant has now been proven wrong – $8 billion later – with a link to details of Gillette’s monumental drop in sales.

“January: ‘Your stupid boycotts will never make a dent in a company like P&G.’ … July:,” Rollo Tomassi posted on Twitter Wednesday.

But P&G Chief Financial Officer Jon Moeller is still in denial, insisting that miraculously, men just decided to not shave as much since his company’s January ad – $8 billion less.

“Lower shaving-frequency has reduced the size of the developed blades and razors market,” Moeller told analysts during a Tuesday call, in reference to the markets in the United States and Europe, according to the New York Post.

One former Gillette consumer was so taken back by the corporation’s call for the emasculation of men that he will never likely touch or purchase another Gillette razor as long as he lives.

“#Gillette will never see a dime from me for the rest of my life,” TheVoiceofReason tweeted Tuesday. “Same for P&G. Get woke, go broke. Looks good on them.”

Another was absolutely ticked off by Gillette taking the liberty to stereotype a large proportion of its consumers as male chauvinist bullies and rapists.

“I don't buy Gillette anymore because, as a straight white male, I am a violent rapist or something – haven't bought Gillette since the ad,” BURNT Rubber tweeted Wednesday. “



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