Heritage: Kamala's 'wage gap' plan more damaging than helpful

Wednesday, June 5, 2019
Chris Woodward (OneNewsNow.com)

Kamala Harris rallyOne of the women seeking to occupy the Oval Office says she has a plan that will help women in the workplace – but not every woman sees it that way.

The "wage gap" plan from Senator Kamala Harris (D-California) would, among other things: (1) require companies to obtain "equal pay certification" and prove they're not paying women less than men for work of equal value; (2) fine companies one percent of their profits for every one percent wage gap they allow to persist for work of equal value; and (3) require companies to disclose whether they are "Equal Pay Certified" on the homepage of their websites.

Romina Boccia, a fiscal and economic expert at The Heritage Foundation, argues that the plan proposed by the Democratic lawmaker would actually hurt women.

"We can all agree that men and women should be paid in accordance with their performance regardless of their gender," Boccia tells OneNewsNow. "However, Kamala Harris' plan works off of the false premise that there is an actual gender wage gap that women get paid less than men for doing the same work – which is just not true."


According to Boccia, what is true is a "gender-choice" gap – one that is based on a person's education, the industry they work in, and how many hours they work.

"These are all factors that factor into how much you get paid," says Boccia.

What's the solution then? Because Senator Harris isn't going to stop talking about her plan, the issue will undoubtedly be one of the questions during the Democratic presidential debates. Harris is one of the Democrats seeking her party's presidential nomination.

two business women"The problem we have here is that it is a convenient story to tell women that they are victimized and that Oh, of course, the only solution to the problem is for some lawmaker like Kamala Harris to get elected and then rectify whatever injustice, perceived or actual, there is," says Boccia.

"Kamala Harris calls her proposal the most aggressive equal pay proposal in history. It would also be the most damaging gender and labor proposal in U.S. history."

Boccia points to nations such as Iceland and Denmark as reasons why this will not work.

"What you get is less productivity [and] a less-engaged, unhappy workforce – and that will show in the numbers [which] will ultimately translate into lower wages in a less-dynamic economy that will grow more slowly," she explains. "That would be the cost of the Kamala Harris proposal."

Harris adds that, if elected president, she won't wait for Congress to act. She says she'll take executive action herself, making "equal pay certification" a condition of receiving federal contracts valued at more than $500,000.


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