Outrage over NBA yanking All-Star Game from Charlotte

Saturday, July 23, 2016
Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

transgender bathroom pinkA prominent Christian leader is calling out the National Basketball Association for pulling its 2017 All-Star Game out of Charlotte, North Carolina, in protest of the city’s decision to enforce a law protecting women and children against a proposed pro-LGBT ordinance that would have allowed potential male predators into opposite-sex restrooms.

Christian Action League of North Carolina Executive Director Rev. Mark Creech says that the NBA’s decision to punish an entire city for protecting its citizens from a potentially harmful bathroom ordinance in the name of “LGBT rights” is absolutely wrong and inexcusable.

“Under the direction of Adam Silver, a man who has advocated for the legalization of the evil and immoral practice of sports betting, it comes as no surprise that he now leads the NBA in a malicious scheme to score a wicked goal on North Carolina,” Creech announced in a press release issued by his Raleigh, North Carolina-based group.


A legal perspective

"If [the NBA officials] no longer believe that biological differences exist between men and women and or the sexes matter, then there's no reason to allow the WNBA to continue. They need to merge the leagues.

"They're going to have an uphill battle even in changing and finding a new place to host their game, because a majority of the country still adheres to common-sense, basic principles that men and women should not share restrooms and showers and locker rooms together."

Kellie Fiedorek, legal counsel
Alliance Defending Freedom

He insists that the NBA is erroneously making a civil rights issue out of a safety and moral issue.

“It's simple despite the NBA's objections and misrepresentation of HB 2,” Creech insists. “Men shouldn't be allowed to use women's bathrooms. Women and young girls shouldn't be forced to undress or shower in the presence of men.”

The head of the Christian nonprofit organization also argues that elected officials are in the wrong when they attempt to make citizens do things that go against their sincerely held religious beliefs and principles.

“Neither should the government be allowed to force people or groups to promote ideas or participate in events they find morally objectionable,” Creech added. “HB 2 overturned Charlotte's egregious ordinance, which would have perpetrated these injustices on its citizens, as well as [on] others in the state.”

Don’t back down

Creech calls for North Carolina residents not to cave in to the tactics used by professional sports to force the public to get on board with the LGBT agenda.

“North Carolina shouldn't be daunted in its support for its lawmakers who passed the bill or its Governor, who signed it,” the pro-family advocate argued. “We should only be ashamed if we were willing to prostitute the safety of our women and children out for the approval of sports and entertainment figures and the promise of their money.”

He says that it is both unconstitutional and unbiblical for United States citizens to feel that they have to give up their rights and religious convictions so that they can enjoy entertainment in their own city.

“We should only be ashamed if we were willing to sell America's birthright, which entitles private businesses and churches to live and work according to their peacefully held beliefs, in exchange for the NBA's mess of pottage,” Creech contends.

Intimidation tactics

It is further argued that the NBA’s intimidation tactics geared at forwarding the LGBT agenda are immoral … and should be illegal.

“Make no mistake, by insisting that the common sense measure HB 2 either be repealed or amended as they require before bringing the All-Star Game to Charlotte, [it] is not only a form of blackmail, but a decadence based in political correctness that turns true morality on its head,” Creech continued.

Referring to Scripture when directing North Carolinians on how they should biblically respond to the NBA’s pressure to pass and enforce pro-LGBT laws, the reverend pointed to the actions of an Apostle from the New Testament.

“North Carolina should answer the NBA in the same manner Peter responded to sinful Simon Magus in Acts chapter 8 and verse 20,” Creech suggested.

He ended by paraphrasing Peter’s words of rebuke, directing them toward the decision makers within the NBA.

"May your silver perish with you, because you thought something so precious and sacred could be purchased with money," Creech concluded.

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