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Group ministers to Olympic athletes through prayer

Charlie Butts   ( Monday, January 27, 2014

Athletes in Action wants you to be part of a prayer team for the upcoming Olympics.

Since the London Olympics in 2012, the organization has had an impact with prayer teams and wants to continue that success in Sochi, Russia, according to Tim Pitcher, spokesman for Athletes in Action.

“We find that the prayers of so many people praying specifically by name for these athletes from around the world really helps to prepare their hearts for spiritual encounters that they may have with either chaplains in the village or various ministry teams in and around the cities and the events,” he tells OneNewsNow.

Pitcher says the Olympics provide a prime opportunity to reach athletes with the gospel. Prayers warriors have already begun praying for the chaplains, and Athletes in Action will provide details on specific athletes to pray for as well.

“We're going to provide each participant with a list of five different athletes from various countries around the world,” Pitcher explains. “Then, people can not only pray for them by name, but can also know their event, their country and can track them and their results, so you can see who you are praying for and how they are doing.”

It's similar to fantasy football, but in this case it has a spiritual significance. Pitcher says churches and families can sign up and spend time in prayer in a campaign to claim souls for the kingdom.

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