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Euthanasia by dehydration

Charlie Butts   ( Monday, December 10, 2012

Seriously ill patients -- young and old -- are being dehydrated to death in the United Kingdom. But one right-to-life supporter reports that the practice is also happening closer to home.

Schadenberg, Alex (EPC)Alex Schadenberg heads the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) and tells OneNewsNow about the revelation that the Liverpool Care Pathway, designed to help comfort terminally ill patients, is actually being used against sick babies, children and cancer patients who could benefit from treatment. One doctor, for example, has admitted to starving or dehydrating ten babies in a UK neonatal unit.

"This has been going on for many, many years throughout the Western world, where it's what I call euthanasia by dehydration," he explains. "Others call it euthanasia by omission, but what's going on is that they've come up with these ways to mask the pain but to end the lives of people who would be considered not worth living."

Schadenberg believes the exposure of this practice will spark an investigation in Britain.

"But this is also going on in the United States and Canada, and there [are] very few people actually talking about it," he notes. "The fact is this is a complete abuse of the proper use of care. We're to care for these children. Now, if these children were to be dying anyway, then we have to accept that they're going to die a natural death, but we shouldn't be killing them by dehydration."

That is just one step closer to euthanasia. Schadenberg compares the practice to what happened during World War II, when the eugenics movement began with the dehydration deaths of handicapped people. The gas chambers were developed later.

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