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Collusion in Planned Parenthood case?

Charlie Butts   ( Friday, September 21, 2012

Operation Rescue has filed an ethics complaint against Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt.

An ethics complaint was filed against Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe after Howe requested that the court drop criminal charges against Planned Parenthood. Operation Rescue president Troy Newman believes there was collusion between Howe and Schmidt.


"These people lied to the people of Kansas," he says. "They lied under oath to a judge that the records in this case, the evidence in this case was not available and actually had been destroyed, and then they decided to write a joint press statement saying that the case could not be prosecuted when the facts that we've uncovered clearly show the opposite."

In addition, Newman believes the missing evidence can still be found and accessed.

"As far as we know through the facts that we have available to us through Freedom of Information requests, the evidence in this case is still sitting in a courtroom in Shawnee County, Kansas, and the case could even be pursued right now," Newman tells OneNewsNow.

Newman contends the code of ethics has been violated and Howe and Schmidt need to face discipline. He adds they "betrayed the trust" of Kansas citizens.

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