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GOP learning it loses when runs from social issues

Charlie Butts   ( Monday, January 13, 2014

If Republicans want gains in upcoming elections, one pro-family group suggests they would be wise to take a firm stand on social issues. 

Spokesperson Kate Bryan of the American Principles Project points out that Mitt Romney had little to say about abortion and homosexuality, and he was defeated by Barack Obama "instead of standing strong on these foundational principles that the majority of Americans stand with."

"The majority of Americans are pro-life. They're becoming more and more pro-life," says Bryan, adding that young people, too, are "becoming more and more pro-life."

Bryan insists Republicans were afraid they would lose the votes of women and youth, so they "deflected" on social issues.

"For lack of a better term," she says, "they were cowards."

What about the future?

"I think that they're starting to see the trend and instead of shying away from it, they're really embracing their stance and being a strong voice," says the American Principles spokesperson.

Because of that change, she predicts the GOP will garner more votes from women and from young people.

Bryan adds that a positive sign is the recent announcement that top Republican Party officials will take part in the 41st annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. 

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