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Perspectives (By Year)

    • Mar. 26

      Peter HeckFor all the insipid talk among its spokesmen about open-mindedness and tolerance, the "gay mafia" is a sworn enemy of both. Case in point: the inane opposition to Indiana's religious freedom bill.

    • Mar. 24

      Knight, Robert (ACRU)Barack Obama didn't like the results of the midterm elections in 2014, and so he wants to rig the system and make voting mandatory. There's only one reason to push that idea and, at the same time, oppose voter ID laws: to make it easier to commit vote fraud.

    • Mar. 24

      Thomas SowellIt is amazing how a simple question can cause a complex lie to collapse like a house of cards. The simple question was asked by Bill O'Reilly of the Fox News Channel, and it was addressed to two Democrats. He asked what has Hillary Clinton ever accomplished.

    • Mar. 23

      Kevin McCulloughJim Wallis and his ilk have pretty much zero track record of anything resembling one-tenth of the kind of proactive intention or action toward societal healing demonstrated in the life of Franklin Graham – yet they're suggesting he's racist?

    • Mar. 19

      Turek, Frank (Christian author)Does the U.S. Constitution require same-sex marriage? No, the U.S. Constitution requires the Court to leave this issue to the states. If you believe otherwise, then amend the Constitution.

    • Mar. 18

      Michelle MalkinThe foot soldiers of the open-borders brigade are lying, deluded, ignorant or bought-off.

    • Mar. 17

      Thomas SowellThey laughed when Winston Churchill warned the world about Hitler. The laughter stopped when Nazi bombers were flying over London. They laughed when Benjamin Netanyahu warned Congress about Iran. Will we ever learn?

    • Mar. 17

      Knight, Robert (ACRU)If halting a bad nuclear deal with Iran embarrasses President Barack Obama, so be it.

    • Mar. 16

      Dan CeliaWhen will our government begin to face facts? We need jobs – this economy is about jobs. It's about wages that equal consumer spending.

    • Mar. 12

      Michelle MalkinThe costs in time, money and anxiety to hardworking families dealing with federal tax form 1095-A are enormous. The paperwork pit is like a government roach motel: taxpayers check in, but they can never check out.

    • Mar. 11

      Wildmon, TimThe practice of using force to compel conversion is a historic distinctive to Islam compared to the world's other major religions. Since the 7th century, Islam has used the sword to advance its territory.

    • Mar. 10

      Knight, Robert (ACRU)In a time when the most basic truths and institutions are under relentless attack, it should hearten many to know that a gargantuan cultural counterstrike is taking shape in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol dome.

    • Mar. 09

      Star ParkerWhy do we need a new federal law to protect those whose religious convictions see marriage as it has been understood for our whole national history? Because a war is taking place in America to delegitimize religion.

    • Mar. 09

      Thomas SowellThose who use the standard of "disparate impact" are seldom, if ever, asked to produce hard evidence that it is factually correct, as distinct from politically correct. That's certainly the case in the DOJ's recent report on law enforcement in Ferguson, Missouri.

    • Mar. 03

      Thomas SowellThere's no excuse for continuing to use misleading and outdated statistics on income differences between men and women when the flaws in those statistics have been exposed repeatedly and long ago.

    • Mar. 02

      Barber, Matt (Liberty Counsel)Finally. Someone is calling out 200-plus groups and organizations in America that openly display bigotry toward the Christian faith. Kudos to the American Family Association for spotlighting those groups - and sending some of them into damage-control mode.