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Perspectives (By Year)

    • Jul24, 2014

      Bryan FischerBy unequivocally endorsing normal marriage and the sanctity of life, Senator Rubio has thrown down the gauntlet for the rest of those in the Republican Party who want a chance at the Oval Office in 2016.

    • Jul23, 2014

      Bryan FischerThe specific goal of the Second Amendment was to make it abundantly clear that every state has the right to organize a militarized force to protect the sovereign inviolability of its own borders – and that's exactly what Texas Governor Rick Perry is doing.

    • Jul23, 2014

      Ben CarsonI can honestly say that wise business practices transcend political ideology -- and those who intentionally inject their politics into their business do so at their own peril. Their actions will be interpreted, rightly or wrongly, based on their political views.

    • Jul22, 2014

      Michael BrownDear Mr. President: I write to you today as a concerned citizen of our great nation, standing as a witness against your historic actions on the morning of July 21, 2014 – actions which I hope you will one day repudiate with deep remorse and regret.

    • Jul21, 2014

      Bryan FischerIt was the president – not me – who injected a discussion of homosexual behavior into the discussion about the Malaysian airliner disaster ... and the media hardly has a right to complain when somebody points it out.

    • Jul21, 2014

      Kevin McCulloughRecent events in Salem, Massachusetts, reveal an ugly truth that Christians must understand: it isn't enough to merely disagree with leftists. They will work with every bit of force they can muster to compel you into agreement with them.

    • Jul18, 2014

      A recent experiment performed on Facebook users demonstrated once again that what people see in media influences their thoughts and reactions.

    • Jul18, 2014

      Bryan FischerOur pro-amnesty evangelical friends have taken a pair of scissors and excised passages of the Bible which teach us that sovereign borders are by God's design and are to be respected.

    • Jul18, 2014

      Michelle MalkinBarack and Michelle Obama are quite the diversionary tag-team. He blames everyone else for his problems. She takes credit for progress on his behalf that he doesn't deserve and distracts public attention from his avalanche of failures with endless feel-good photo-ops.

    • Jul17, 2014

      Larry ElderSome people claim to possess "gaydar," an ability to discern the sexual orientation of a gay person. Our U.S. attorney general, it seems, possesses the instinctive ability to discern "racists."

    • Jul16, 2014

      Bryan FischerTo continue the practice of virtually unrestrained Islamic immigration is to pursue a practice that is guaranteed to further Balkanize the United States and continue social unrest.

    • Jul15, 2014

      Thomas SowellWhenever Democrats are in real trouble politically, the Republicans seem to come up with something new that distracts the public's attention from the Democrats' problems. Who says Republicans are not compassionate?

    • Jul14, 2014

      Kevin McCulloughLet's be honest ... our president is acting as though he firmly doubts America is being readied for another major-bigger-than-the-previous-record-setting terror attack. In fact, he's actively doing as much as possible to get us as close to that possible reality.

    • Jul11, 2014

      Wildmon, TimI'm not sure that anyone can reason with Harry Reid right now. He is one angry white dude.

    • Jul10, 2014

      Dr. Michael YoussefThose in the West might be inclined to believe that Islamic division in Syria and Iraq is good for the West. However, those divisions can only spell deep pain for Christians in the Arab world, and ultimately for Israel, the U.S., and Europe.

    • Jul10, 2014

      Bryan FischerThe popular columnist must be looking through Karl Rove-colored glasses if she can't see that justice and integrity are at stake in the mess surrounding Mississippi's Thad Cochran-Chris McDaniel Senate runoff.