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Crimes against women, children high in China

Charlie Butts   ( Wednesday, July 03, 2013

China is ranked among other nations where abuses in trafficking of women and children are prevalent.

China now ranks high as a destination country for sex trafficking. Steve Mosher of the Population Research Institute explains China is trafficking women for brides and the sex trade.

Mosher, Steven (PRI)"And of course the reason that China has such a huge problem in this regard is that it has killed 200 million little girls over the last 30-some years," he says. "China's one-child policy has been an absolute disaster."

Because of a cultural preference for boys, girls have been aborted through sex-selective abortion or are killed or abandoned. That means the population comprises far more adult men than women.

"The Chinese Communist Party is responsible for all these atrocities," Mosher tells OneNewsNow. "This is one of the biggest crimes against humanity in the history of the world, and Congress should act. Congress should demand that the administration put sanctions on China." 

From within its borders, the female shortage will not end until forced abortion halts, says Mosher. "And you know, I don't understand why the women's groups in this country are not outraged," he adds. 

Women's advocacy groups in the United States have been silent on these crimes against women and girls.

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