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Guangcheng advises new Chinese president in video

Charlie Butts   ( Friday, December 07, 2012

A blind Chinese activist, who made a dramatic escape from China to America, is urging his former country to reform.

Chen Guangcheng, who was persecuted for his fight against forced abortion in China, has made a video. Bob Fu of ChinaAid tells OneNewsNow it is directed at incoming president Xi Jinping.

Fu, Bob (ChinaAid)"Basically, it encourages him to learn from the current Burmese leader, and even the Cuban leader, to be more open and to conduct reform and exercise the rule of law," he explains. "And he, of course, warns him that otherwise China's transition could be very violent."

Chen also makes a direct plea to the Chinese people to fight for their rights and points to people jailed for human rights activities, including his nephew who was recently ordered to prison for 39 months.

"He wants to really prod the Chinese government to remember their promise to him before he left China that they will investigate all these abuses against his family and himself over the years and hold the officials accountable to the international community," Fu describes.

Chen also urged religious freedom and the release of underground church members and leaders who have been imprisoned and tortured for their faith.

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