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Remembering the persecuted

Charlie Butts   ( Tuesday, November 06, 2012

An annual day of prayer for the persecuted Church is coming up this weekend in the U.S.

Some countries, including Canada, have already held an International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church event, but the United States and other countries are recognizing it this Sunday, November 11.

Nettleton, Todd (VOM)"This is a key day for the Church around the world to join in unity in praying on behalf of our brothers and sisters who don't share the same freedoms that we have here in the United States," asserts Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) spokesman Todd Nettleton.

He tells OneNewsNow persecution has certainly increased in the countries where his organization works.

"That's sort of a good news/bad news situation," Nettleton offers. "The bad news is that the persecution is increasing. The good news is that the reason it's increasing is because the Church is growing and because so many people are coming to follow Jesus Christ that there are simply more Christians to face persecution in these countries."

VOM has set aside a portion of its website to provide a self-produced trailer for churches to show, along with downloadable resources for individuals and churches to utilize.

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