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2011 (By Year)

    • 04, 2011
      A California-based organization has released its annual list of anti-Christian acts in America for 2010 -- a list determined through an online poll.
    • 04, 2011
      A governor in Pakistan has been assassinated, authorities say, over his opposition to the nation's much misused blasphemy law.
    • 06, 2011
      A Pakistani Christian who is facing the death penalty for "blasphemy" against Mohammed is awaiting word on her appeal.
    • 07, 2011
      Open Doors USA has released its latest list of the top 50 countries that impose the heaviest persecution on Christians -- and North Korea continues to lead the way.
    • 10, 2011
      A Christian in Afghanistan is currently facing punishment as severe as the death penalty if he doesn't choose to convert back to Islam.
    • 10, 2011
      The United States announced last week that it is "deeply concerned" about a rise in persecution against Christians -- a response welcomed by an international relief ministry.
    • 11, 2011
      Christian broadcaster Norm Nelson is taking part in a four-day crisis delegation that is looking into the violence against Iraqi Christians.
    • 12, 2011
      Iran has arrested about 70 Christians since Christmas in a crackdown that belies the Islamic government's claim that it provides room for other faiths.
    • 17, 2011
      The United States wants to know why Vietnamese police recently assaulted an American diplomat who tried to visit a Catholic priest.
    • 19, 2011
      An organization that defends persecuted Christians worldwide is urging U.S. believers to "feel the plight" of the believers who are dying and tortured for their faith.
    • 26, 2011
      Upon WikiLeaks' release of a cable exposing the persecution of Christians in Eritrea, the Body of Christ is being asked to respond.
    • 27, 2011
      News has surfaced about the increased persecution of a mostly-Christian tribal group in Vietnam.
    • 27, 2011
      More Christians in Ethiopia are facing persecution from Muslims.
    • 28, 2011
      An advocacy group for persecuted Christians around the world is lamenting the global increase in persecution against believers in 2011.
    • 02, 2011
      The political turmoil in Egypt has Christians in that country asking for worldwide prayer -- and a Christian apologist expressing heightened concern for the nation of Israel.
    • 07, 2011
      In the wake of increased violence and targeted discrimination against Christians in countries like Egypt, Iraq, and Pakistan, a U.S. congressman has introduced legislation that calls for a special envoy to protect religious minorities.