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Watchdog: Push for transgenders in military is about money, not 'equality'

Chad Groening   ( Monday, April 07, 2014

A conservative military watchdog says a former Surgeon General of the United States is off the mark in her recommendation that "transgendered" individuals should be able to join the military.

As reported last month by OneNewsNow, Joycelyn Elders – Bill Clinton's controversial former U.S. Surgeon General – is urging the U.S. Army to change its policy excluding transgendered individuals from serving in the military. Elders was part of a panel commissioned by the Palm Center, a left-wing think tank based at San Francisco State University, that recently issued a report that claims there is "no compelling medical reason" to ban transgender individuals from the military.

Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, points out Elders is no stranger to courting controversy with her views.


"She was forced to resign after 15 months in office because of some rather controversial remarks on abortion, drugs, sexuality," says Donnelly. "So she is an unlikely person to be considered a leader on anything to do with these issues; but I'm not surprised the Palm Center would put her forward."

According to Donnelly, one overwhelming reason compels the Palm Center to carry the banner for the "T" portion of LGBT community to join the military.

"What this amounts to really is a demand for access to the medical system of the armed forces," she maintains. "The kind of treatment that is involved in changing the sexuality of a person is very, very expensive."

Donnelly says the Palm Center is pressuring President Obama to sign an executive order allowing transgenders in the military.

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