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2011 (By Year)

    • 05, 2011
      The head of a grassroots immigration reform organization says it's "ludicrous" that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano recently made a surprise visit to Afghanistan to advise Afghans about border security.
    • 07, 2011
      The head of a grassroots immigration reform organization is again calling for the resignation of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.
    • 10, 2011
      Terrorism expert Walid Shoebat isn't optimistic about Iraq if President Obama grants that government's request to pull all U.S. troops out of the country by the end of this year.
    • 12, 2011
      A senior Army strategist believes recent events in Iraq will compel President Obama to remove virtually all U.S. military forces from that country by the end of this year.
    • 14, 2011
      National defense analyst Bob Maginnis suggests the Army private accused of giving classified documents to an online whistleblower was already a security risk because of his alleged lifestyle.
    • 18, 2011
      Military readiness watchdog Elaine Donnelly says the playing field isn't level for women who want to serve in direct front-line combat units.
    • 20, 2011
      A Christian attorney Matt Barber says the radical "transgender" activists' push for clearance to serve in the military could awaken America to the dangers of allowing people living alternate lifestyles to wear the uniform.   Story contains results from Friday's poll
    • 21, 2011
      An immigration reform activist says a recently released video of two women scaling a border fence in less than 18 seconds is misleading.
    • 26, 2011
      A team of experts recently briefed the freshman members of Congress on issues concerning foreign policy and national security to educate the new leaders about the real threats of terrorism.
    • 27, 2011
      Senior army strategist Bob Maginnis says it will be impossible for the Russian government to completely clamp down on Islamic terrorism, despite a vow by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for retribution.
    • 31, 2011
      A Kansas attorney with a special connection to Egypt says she's been in contact with friends and associates since the protests there broke out Friday.
    • 01, 2011
      An Israeli author who has been monitoring events in Egypt believes the world is going to see a repeat of the Iranian revolution that took place during the Jimmy Carter administration.
    • 07, 2011
      An advocate for military readiness says the Army must be more diligent in heeding the warning signs of service members who may be mentally unfit for duty.
    • 07, 2011
      A former Navy chaplain has launched a petition drive aimed at defending military chaplains and Christian troops from persecution by proponents of homosexuality.   Story contains results from Tuesday's poll
    • 07, 2011
      A Coptic Christian in the U.S. is speaking out about the uprising in Egypt, sounding an ominous warning for those who might trust the Muslims in that area of the world.
    • 09, 2011
      Despite President Barack Obama's optimism about post-Mubarak Egypt, terrorism expert Brigitte Gabriel says the Muslim Brotherhood is committed to imposing sharia law on Egypt and across the globe.