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2010 (By Year)

    • 04, 2010
      Immigration reform proponent William Gheen is calling for the resignation of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano in the wake of the attempted hijacking of a U.S. airliner Christmas Day.   Time to replace Napolitano (commentary by Star Parker)
    • 04, 2010
      The retired naval officer who commanded the USS Cole when it was hit by terrorists nine years ago in Yemen says that country is clearly becoming a haven for al-Qaeda activity.
    • 06, 2010
      Terrorism expert Robert Spencer disagrees with the premise of a newly released U.S. government study on homegrown terrorism that contends extremism is contrary to the true teachings of Islam.
    • 08, 2010
      National defense analyst Frank Gaffney agrees with the assessment of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich that Americans are less safe than they were a year ago when Barack Obama took office.
    • 08, 2010
      A former Reagan Defense Department official says it's past time for the U.S. government to shut down a radical Islamic advocacy group that is complaining about the new tighter security policies that profile Muslims at airports.
    • 11, 2010
      The retired naval officer who commanded the USS Cole when it was hit by terrorists in 2000 hopes that recent congressional action will convince President Obama to permanently abandon his plan to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba.
    • 12, 2010
      Pentagon advisor Bob Maginnis says an official Defense Department review of the shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, validates earlier reports that many telltale signs about the Islamic suspect were ignored by those in a position to stop him.
    • 13, 2010
      A national defense analyst and former Reagan Defense Department official says the best way for the U.S. to deal with Iran's nuclear threat is to help foment regime change as the country's opposition movement gains steam.
    • 18, 2010
      After recently visiting the war zone, U.S. Senator Roger Wicker is convinced that President Barack Obama's artificial deadline for pulling out of Afghanistan is a major impediment to progress in the war-torn country.
    • 18, 2010
      Conservative military watchdog Elaine Donnelly isn't surprised that lawyers for the nation's top military officer are recommending holding off on an internal Pentagon effort aimed at repealing the ban on homosexuals serving in the military.
    • 19, 2010
      Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, says the Obama administration is pursuing an inconsistent policy toward terrorism.
    • 19, 2010
      The head of a civil liberties organization is concerned about an executive order signed by President Obama last month which allows an international law enforcement agency to have jurisdiction in the United States without being subject to the U.S. Constitution.
    • 20, 2010
      A pro-Jewish faction within Israel's Likud Party is slamming a recent decision by the Israeli Supreme Court to order the re-opening of an important highway to unrestricted traffic, including terrorists.
    • 20, 2010
      Former Congressman Tom Tancredo disagrees with President Barack Obama's recent decision to grant temporary amnesty to Haitians who are living in the U.S. illegally.
    • 21, 2010
      A former official in the Reagan Defense Department says one year into the Obama presidency, it's clear there must be a dramatic change of direction in U.S. foreign policy.
    • 25, 2010
      Islam critic Robert Spencer says the Obama administration has once again bowed to the whims of political correctness by clearing the way for two Muslim scholars, who were rejected by the Bush administration because of alleged ties to terrorism, to return to the United States.