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2009 (By Year)

    • Dec. 31
      A conservative military watchdog says she doesn't think military leadership went far enough in rescinding a policy for troops in Iraq that in some cases made pregnancy a court-martial offense.
    • Dec. 30
      The debate over the closure of Guantanamo Bay, a homeland security controversy, and a terrorist shooting at Fort Hood highlighted this year's stories on the national security and terrorism front.
    • Dec. 30
      In the wake of the failed attempt by an Islamic terrorist to blow up an airliner Christmas Day, terrorism expert Brigitte Gabriel believes the U.S. must follow the Israeli model when profiling potential terrorists at airports.
    • Dec. 29
      The New York congressman who thinks terrorists should be tried by a military tribunal instead of a civilian court is getting some support from a terrorism expert.
    • Dec. 23
      A grassroots immigration enforcement advocacy organization says a recent incident in Florida illustrates that a substantial section of the illegal alien population is virulently anti-American.
    • Dec. 23
      One of the nation's foremost critics of Islam says it's absolutely reprehensible that the lead attorney for the man charged in the murderous rampage at Fort Hood last month is trying to paint his client as a victim.
    • Dec. 23
      Iowa Congressman Steve King, who was part of a congressional delegation that recently visited Afghanistan, believes the U.S. military will have to "thread the needle" in order to stabilize the country in time for President Obama's pullout timeline.
    • Dec. 22
      Terrorism expert Robert Spencer is surprised that the Obama administration voted against a United Nations General Assembly resolution that denies the existence of Islamic terrorism.
    • Dec. 22
      One of the nation's foremost critics of Islam says the Obama administration continues to put the lives of Americans and others in danger with its decision to release dangerous terrorists from the federal detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
    • Dec. 21
      Conservative military watchdog Elaine Donnelly sees a number of potential problems with a new policy recently put in place by a commander of U.S. troops in Iraq, a guideline that makes pregnancy a court-martial offense in some cases.
    • Dec. 18
      Retired U.S. Navy Commander Kirk Lippold disagrees with the recent decision by the Obama administration to relocate terrorist suspects from the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba to a facility in Illinois.
    • Dec. 18
      Pentagon advisor Bob Maginnis says it's disconcerting that Islamic terrorists have been able to hack into the video feeds from the U.S. drones that are being used in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    • Dec. 16
      An immigration reform organization says the Obama administration has done virtually nothing to stem the tide of illegal immigration since taking office in January.   Story contains results from Thursday's poll
    • Dec. 15
      A defense expert says the Obama administration's decision to transport captured Al Qaeda terrorists to an Illinois prison has nothing to do with national security, but "has everything to do with atmospherics."
    • Dec. 14
      Pentagon advisor Bob Maginnis is skeptical that Afghanistan will be able to get its police and military forces adequately ready to meet President Barack Obama's July 2011 target date to take control of their country when he begins withdrawing American troops.
    • Dec. 10
      Senior Army strategist Bob Maginnis doesn't think merely giving a terrorist suspect a fat lip is enough grounds to court-martial three members of the elite Navy SEALs.