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2009 (By Year)

    • 02, 2009
      An immigration reform activist supports an idea being explored by the state of Washington to deport illegal aliens who are serving time in state jails.
    • 02, 2009
      An Arab-Christian woman and Middle East analyst believes Israel is taking a hard stance against the terrorist group Hamas because it still has the support of the Bush administration.
    • 05, 2009
      A former Palestinian terrorist who became a Christian says it would have been political suicide for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's government not to strike back at Hamas terrorists who continue to launch deadly rocket attacks against Israeli civilians.
    • 06, 2009
      An Israeli diplomat says it's just not acceptable that three-quarters of a million Israelis must live their lives in constant fear that an alarm may sound, giving them about 15 seconds to find shelter from an Hamas missile attack.
    • 07, 2009
      A Pentagon advisor and national defense analyst believes that the Iranian regime is manipulating terrorist proxies like Hamas in order to prevent Israel from attacking Iran's atomic weapons program.
    • 08, 2009
      A pro-troop organization recently saw first-hand the actual conditions at the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, detention facility that has been vilified by the liberal left.
    • 08, 2009
      A conservative Jewish columnist predicts that Israel will fail to completely destroy the terrorist group Hamas in Gaza and agree to a so-called "cease-fire" demanded by the international community because it has no "true end goal" in its current war with Palestinian terrorists.
    • 08, 2009
      A former Palestinian terrorist says the West continues to pursue a failed idea that somehow terrorism against Israel will stop when the Palestinians get their own homeland.
    • 09, 2009
      A senior army strategist says it wouldn't be wise for Israel to become embroiled in a bloody house-to-house fight in order to dislodge Hamas from its strongholds in heavily populated Gaza City.
    • 13, 2009
      A former consultant to Bill Clinton says the U.S. is very naive about the threat posed by Venezuelan strong man Hugo Chavez, who he believes is at least as dangerous as Osama bin Laden.
    • 14, 2009
      Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein is in Israel monitoring the war in Gaza firsthand.
    • 15, 2009
      A retired Army general and national defense analyst believes terrorists and enemy spies are "licking their chops" that Barack Obama has named Leon Panetta to head the CIA.
    • 16, 2009
      A former national defense analyst believes president-elect Barack Obama was clueless when he announced he would close down the federal detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, during his first week in office.
    • 16, 2009
      A former evangelical Navy chaplain says there would be serious national security consequences if Barack Obama follows through on his pledge to allow homosexuals to serve in the military.
    • 16, 2009
      Christians in America are helping provide shelter for Israelis targeted by terrorist rockets.
    • 19, 2009
      The ranking Republican on the House Immigration Subcommittee says he is absolutely elated that on his final day in office, President Bush commuted the sentences of two border patrol agents whose convictions for shooting a Mexican drug dealer ignited a huge outcry among border enforcement advocates.