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2012 (By Year)

  • Dec 13

    The much-anticipated movie The Hobbit opens on Friday -- along with the release of a book that explores the spiritual warfare that Bilbo Baggins and other characters undergo in J.R.R. Tolkien's classic tale.

  • Nov 30

    Encouraging teen girls to be exactly who God created them to be and developing a tool to help them realize that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty are the ideas behind Real Girl magazine, the longtime dream of Elizabeth Bennett, its publisher and editor.

  • Nov 19

    The Thanksgiving weekend typically kicks off the barrage of Christmas specials for the holiday season. Here are three suited for the whole family.

  • Nov 14

    A recently released book from the Discovery Institute unleashes unpublished writings by C.S. Lewis exposing motivations behind the troubled theory of Darwinian evolution.

  • Oct 16

    You might ask, "Huh? Reality TV - inspiring?" It's hard to believe, given all of the salacious and downright trashy "reality" dished out by the networks and cable TV. But this one, the brain child of Dave Alan Johnson (Doc, Sue Thomas F.B.Eye), offers great promise.