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Media (By Year)

  • Sep17, 2014

    A documentary on human trafficking is gearing up for launch with the intention of raising awareness and motivating action.

  • Sep17, 2014

    If you're not aware that billionaire George Soros has been pouring millions of dollars into court battles against three conservative governors who are potential presidential candidates in 2016, the Media Research Center has an idea why.

  • Sep16, 2014

    A media watchdog group claims Al Gore's dire global-warming predictions have been proven false, but the mainstream media has ignored faulty forecasts.

  • Sep16, 2014

    Revealing what it considers "one of the greatest and darkest deceptions of our time — the conspiracy to cover up the Church's true identity" — the feature film Let the Lion Roar is geared to reach church and home audiences with a powerful message that it claims will “reshape and recharge the post-modern Church.”

  • Sep15, 2014

    A Christian radio personality has again challenged hip-hop artist Lecrae, suggesting that his shift to a "humanist approach" in his music disqualifies him for the role model the Church has bestowed upon him.

  • Sep12, 2014

    A conservative media watchdog says major news networks appear to be going out of their way to bury the news of President Obama's collapsing poll numbers.

  • Sep11, 2014

    A conservative media watchdog finds it ironic that President Obama has blamed the "optics" of the media for a recent controversy when "optics" is what propelled him to the Oval Office.

  • Sep10, 2014

    World-renown evangelist Ray Comfort is well on his way to releasing Audacity, a groundbreaking film that will graciously address the biblical truths about homosexuality — a hot topic many in the Christian world have skirted around to avoid being stereotyped as “haters,” “bigots” and even “racists.“ Instead of politicizing this controversial issue, Comfort is using his first scripted short film with professional actors to share the Gospel of God’s love — not to prove a point.

  • Sep03, 2014

    A movie about characters living in a seemingly ideal but colorless world of conformity and contentment is now playing in theaters. The movie contains a subtle warning about the dangers of big government.

  • Sep03, 2014

    Says movie director Darren Wilson: "Technology has changed the way people are able to consume entertainment products - and with Holy Ghost we are setting out to prove that the future is already here."

  • Aug29, 2014

    Several pro-family organizations are speaking out in opposition to the proposed merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

  • Aug25, 2014

    Author and radio host Daniel Fazzina wants to encourage people with stories that demonstrate God is still in the miracle business.

  • Aug21, 2014

    A media watchdog says the media continues to be in lock-step with individuals like Al Sharpton who seek to stir up racial tension whenever a black person is killed and a white person is apparently responsible.

  • Aug20, 2014

    In a letter to MTV, a family advocacy group is calling on the music network to rate the upcoming broadcast of the Video Music Awards appropriately. 

  • Aug16, 2014

    A Mississippi woman says she was told by workers at a Veterans Administration facility that she could not watch the Fox News Channel in its waiting room because of a directive from the White House.

  • Aug14, 2014

    A media analysis group warns that mainstream news networks have a history of covering up scandals when they arise within the Democratic Party.