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Tyndale vs. HHS mandate

Charlie Butts   ( Friday, November 09, 2012

ADF today is in federal court in the nation's capital defending Tyndale House Publishers in the first post-election challenge to the HHS mandate.

Based on its biblical convictions, Tyndale objects to the requirement that it provide free insurance coverage for drugs that cause abortions. The Bible publisher actually filed suit October 2 on behalf of the Carol Stream, an Illinois-based organization that is owned by a foundation. ( See update to this story)

Bowman, Matt (ADF)As OneNewsNow reported earlier, the largest privately held Christian publisher of Bibles, Christian books and biblical media is not considered "religious" -- even though it is a non-profit foundation that provides grants to meet physical and spiritual needs of people worldwide.

Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Matt Bowman tells OneNewsNow very serious constitutional issues are at stake.

"Bible publishers should be free to do business according to the book that they publish," Bowman contends.

"For the government to say that a Bible publisher is not religious is alarming. It demonstrates how clearly the Obama administration is willing to disregard the Constitution's protection of religious freedom to achieve certain political purposes."

The foundation that owns Tyndale distributes 96.5 percent of its profits to religious non-profit causes worldwide. Still, the publisher is subject to the mandate because the Obama administration rules for-profit corporations as categorically non-religious.

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