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Can you say 'Christmas tree'?

Bob Kellogg   ( Wednesday, December 05, 2012

ADF commends school officials at a North Carolina college for relenting and changing their minds about calling Christmas trees "holiday" trees.

Sharp, Matt (ADF)In another case of political correctness run amuck, Western Piedmont Community College had directed a student club raising funds for charity to refer to its merchandise as "holiday" trees. But as Matt Sharp of the Alliance Defending Freedom reports, that idea began to backfire.

"Several community members complained to the club and the club's advisor, telling them we're not supportive of this political correctness and we want to buy Christmas trees, not holiday trees," he details. "So the club was actually seeing its sales drop, which was very unfortunate given the charitable contribution being made from the money collected."

He commends the school for changing all references from "holiday" back to "Christmas" after it received a letter from ADF.

"We're very pleased to see that the college responded so quickly, admitted their error and is doing the right thing in remedying this," the ADF attorney tells OneNewsNow. "Far too often we see colleges and universities dig in their heels on these issues of discrimination against religious speech and try and justify it."

Sharp asserts it is perfectly acceptable and constitutional for student groups, no matter where, to refer to Christmas trees as "Christmas trees."

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