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A quality education?

Bob Kellogg   ( Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Though more young people are attaining college degrees in America than ever before, a conservative education analyst says that doesn't necessarily equate to a better educated workforce.

Lindsey Burke of The Heritage Foundation says President Barack Obama wants America to have the highest college graduation rate in the world. But at the same time, she says, the quality of education has been on the decline.

Burke, Lindsey"We have more and more people attending college -- but are they actually getting a high-quality education as a result of enrolling or as a result of obtaining a bachelor's degree?" she asks.

In a recent survey, college presidents have complained about students' lack of willingness to apply themselves and adopt good study habits.

"So that begs the question: Are we pushing too many students -- who probably shouldn't be going to college -- into college, that might be better served by going into the job market immediately or by pursuing more of a vocational education track?" Burke poses.

But she points out that a major reason more people are attending college is because the sluggish economy is leading to poor and diminished job opportunities.

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