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School board's 'unfortunate' submission

Bob Kellogg   ( Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has succeeded in bullying a fifth Pennsylvania school board into dropping prayer from its board meetings.

The Eastern Lancaster County Board of School Directors is the latest to cave to the threats from the FFRF, which claims that prayers at board meetings are unconstitutional. But as Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel maintains, that argument is wrong.

Staver, Mat (Liberty Counsel)"Prayers at school board meetings are not unconstitutional," he asserts. "In fact, there's no court in the country that has put a flat prohibition on prayers at school board meetings or any other government body meeting."

Liberty Counsel, Staver says, is prepared to defend any school board that is ready to stand on principle and stand up to the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

"We just pray that there is some school board or other government official that stands on principle and stands on what the Constitution allows them to do and does not simply bend down to Freedom From Religion Foundation," the attorney states. "I think that that's unfortunate indeed."

He deems it wrong for threatening letters from the FFRF to end prayer at school board meetings, as that is a threat to religious freedom.

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