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WH undermining successful voucher program

Bob Kellogg   ( Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The highly successful voucher program in the District of Columbia saw fewer students enrolled this year than last despite 1,500 new applications and a $5 million funding increase.

Despite the increased demand and bigger budget, the Department of Education and the Obama administration have been working for a year to limit participation in the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program. Lindsey Burke of The Heritage Foundation says this is unconscionable.

Burke, Lindsey"If they are serious about doing what works, then that only leads one to believe that this has everything to do with special-interest groups, with union pressure, with politics -- which is really sad," she tells OneNewsNow.

In March, President Obama's Fiscal Year 2013 budget proposal zeroed out funding for the program, which enjoys a 91-percent graduation rate. When that funding was zeroed out, Burke wrote that the president was showing low-income families in DC that "his priority is maintaining the unacceptable status quo" and bowing to the pressure from unions and special-interest groups to eliminate the program.

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