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2010 (By Year)

    • Dec. 30
      California Governor-elect Jerry Brown is telling educators to prepare themselves for when he reveals his budget proposal next year.
    • Dec. 23
      A California senator is proposing a bill that would radically promote the LGBT movement in schools and wouldn't allow parents to take their children out of discussions concerning the alternate lifestyles.
    • Dec. 16
      The Alliance Defense Fund is contacting school districts in Tennessee to correct some fallacies from the ACLU about celebrating Christmas.
    • Dec. 15
      Dr. Al Mohler is speaking out against a Christian college that has been in the spotlight since its women's soccer coach resigned upon telling her players she is expecting a child with her same-sex partner.
    • Dec. 14
      A new poll shows an overwhelming majority of Americans are frustrated that it's too difficult to get rid of bad teachers, while most also believe that teachers aren't paid enough.
    • Dec. 14
      The Alliance Defense Fund is urging a university in West Virginia to restore the traditional invocation and benediction to the nursing program's pinning ceremony scheduled for tomorrow.
    • Dec. 14
      Louisiana pro-family leader Gene Mills is taking to task the state's recent decision to approve biology textbooks he says present errors.
    • Dec. 13
      A pro-family leader is applauding parents and students of an impoverished California city for demanding quality education to be enforced in one of the state's worst-performing school systems.
    • Dec. 08
      A Washington-based organization is threatening to sue metro Atlanta school boards for using church facilities to host their graduation ceremonies, but one conservative group maintains the schools are not in violation of the Constitution.
    • Dec. 06
      A pro-family activist says a court case in California points to the importance of parents, rather than the school system, maintaining control over their kids.
    • Nov. 30
      A recent newspaper article highlights the effort of some high school educators to take the game of poker from the casinos into the classrooms, but one gambling analyst is calling that endeavor "despicable."
    • Nov. 30
      Terrorism expert Brigitte Gabriel says textbook publishers are allowing pro-Islamic consultants to have influence over the content of what is taught in America's schools.
    • Nov. 22
      Islam expert Brigitte Gabriel explains that schools across the United States have implemented radical Islamic curriculum in public schools.
    • Nov. 22
      An education analyst at a public policy research organization says the latest report card on America's high school seniors shows the government's model for education is not working.
    • Nov. 22
      One state will continue to uphold a law that gives illegal immigrants the opportunity to receive higher education without being charged higher rates.
    • Nov. 22
      Parents in Vallejo, California are up in arms over a plan for public schools to teach elementary students about homosexual relationships.