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Congressman: 'Despicable' for government to close WW II memorial to vets

Chad Groening   ( Thursday, October 03, 2013

A Mississippi congressman says the Obama administration went out of its way to erect barricades around the World War II Memorial in Washington to make a political statement about the government shutdown. 

On Wednesday, Missouri and New Mexico World War II veterans did the same thing that Mississippi World War II veterans did on Tuesday: they entered the World War II Memorial accompanied by members of Congress with U.S. Park Police basically looking the other way.

Steven Palazzo represents Mississippi's Fourth District, where many of the Mississippi World War II vets live. He was back at the memorial on Wednesday.

"The barricades were removed by an Honor Flight organizer,” Palazzo explains. “And the members basically led their delegation of Honor Flight members so they could go see their memorials. So they definitely let them in. They didn't arrest anyone."

Palazzo says the Obama administration deliberately created this controversy.   

"It's an open-air monument. It's open 24-7, whether there's guards or not,” the congressman tells OneNewsNow. “So this administration had to go through extra effort and additional measures just to barricade it to keep the veterans out. And they could have just left it open.”

The congressman calls it a “despicable act” for the federal government to have done that.

Palazzo says except for the Honor Flight veterans, the WWII memorial is still closed to the general public.

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