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Kansas cities say no, no, no to homosexual protections

Charlie Butts   ( Saturday, November 10, 2012

Two Kansas cities rose up against homosexual and gender-identity issues.

Earlier this year in Salina, Kansas, the city council passed an ordinance granting special legal protections for gender identity and sexual orientation. Citizens drafted a protest position, and Robert Noland of the Kansas Family Policy Council tells OneNewsNow it was successful and city officials opted to put it on the ballot.


"And in Salina, Kansas, the voters have voted to repeal the ordinance granting special protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity by a margin of 54 percent to 45 percent," he says.

In Hutchinson, the city passed a limited ordinance along the same lines but also began talking about expanding the protections later. Citizens launched a successful protest petition, and the city council overturned the ordinance.

"The interesting twist in Hutchinson was that the statewide group advocating for homosexual rights also submitted a petition to put a new ordinance on the ballot to expand protections," Noland remarks.

The group of opponents got into action again, and voters in Hutchinson rejected the proposed ordinance 58 percent to 42 percent. Noland believes the outcome in both cities sends a message to the entire state about how citizens feel about special protections for homosexuals and transgendered people.

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