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Calif. legislators focusing on non-issue

Becky Yeh - California correspondent   ( Tuesday, August 14, 2012
A family advocate says a California Assembly-approved bill that seeks federal protection for LGBT individuals shows that state lawmakers have too much time on their hands.

Assembly Joint Resolution 43 would require federal protection against discrimination, harassment or negative treatment based on sexual orientation.

Assemblyman Ricardo Lara (D), who proposed the resolution, calls it an "urgent call for justice" that Congress and President Obama must pass. But Larry Smith, chairman of The Family Action PAC, says the measure places undue emphasis on a non-issue. Gay pride flag"The California Legislature spends their time on trivia instead of dealing with the major problems that the state has," he contends. "And it also tells you how the special interests control the California Legislature." During a discussion of the resolution, Lara declared that the bill would help LGBT and "queer" Americans, adding that the term "queer" is a compliment that empowers the LGBT community.

The California Assembly passed the measure 52-21.

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