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Security expert: Churches should train to 'shoot the guy,' not throw chairs

Charlie Butts   ( Thursday, June 27, 2013

The federal government has issued guidelines for houses of worship when there is an active shooter inside. 

Chuck Chadwick of the National Organization of Church Security and Safety Management has read the report, which recommends in part the "Run, Hide, Fight" concept.


"I didn't see anywhere in it where it says Shoot the guy," Chadwick tells OneNewsNow.

Instead, according to the security expert, the feds recommend training, write a plan, and then incapacitate the shooter using items such as fire extinguishers or by throwing chairs.

But shooting back at the shooter is the truly effective way of stopping the shooting, he says, unless the shooter turns his weapon on himself.

"Instead of run, hide, fight, to me it's draw, aim, fire," says Chadwick, whose Texas-based organization operates a training program called Gatekeepers.

His advice to churches is to train church members as armed security through Gatekeepers, which trains volunteers or paid staff to follow state requirements to allow an armed bodyguard on church grounds.

He says training is the key - and not just people with concealed-carry permits and their weapons.

"It'd be great to have law enforcement there," Chadwick  says, "but most of our churches either can't afford to have a law enforcement person or they don't have a law enforcement person in their congregation."

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