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  • February 12, 2016
    Michael F. Haverluck

    NH least religious state, MS the most

    Bible with American flagServing as a strong indicator of why Republicans chose two of the least faith-minded candidates in Tuesday’s primary, the New Hampshire ranked as the least religious state with only 20 percent if its residents identifying as “very religious,” while Mississippi took the honors for the eighth straight year as the most religious, with 63 percent.

  • February 08, 2016
    Bill Bumpas

    Franklin Graham 'campaigning' only for God

    DecisionAmericaTour Franklin GrahamAs the presidential candidates scamper across the country campaigning for votes, another important campaign is taking place across the country.

  • February 06, 2016
    Bill Bumpas

    A scorecard for championing a cherished freedom

    hands on prison barsReligious freedom activists are applauding the announcement that members of Congress will be graded on their support for religious freedom. 

  • February 04, 2016
    Bill Bumpas

    Young Christians highly involved with porn

    man using computer in dark roomJosh McDowell says a new study shows the pervasiveness of pornography in the church and among Christians.

  • February 03, 2016
    Charlie Butts

    Publication refuses orthodox Catholic values

    man wearing clerical collarCatholic bishops are being asked to divorce the church from a Catholic publication.

  • February 02, 2016
    Bill Bumpas

    Report: Most churches say wise with the tithe

    tithing church offering plateThe Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability has released its first-ever Church Financial Management Survey.  

  • January 29, 2016
    Bill Bumpas

    UMC ban of intelligent design presenter an unpopular decision

    UMC logo United Methodist ChurchAfter the Discovery Institute was banned from sponsoring an information table at the United Methodist Church's upcoming General Conference, a poll shows that a super-majority of Americans oppose the decision. 

  • January 27, 2016
    Bill Bumpas

    Land cites study to debunk death of religion

    young man with BibleAn evangelical leader believes that the secularization theory - which states that the more educated people become, the less religious they will be - has been debunked as a myth.  

  • January 26, 2016
    Bill Bumpas

    Curious happenings in the UMC

    church pewsA delegate to the United Methodist Church's General Conference says the liberal bias of some of the denomination’s leadership nation has led to the attempted silencing of opposing voices.

  • January 24, 2016
    Michael F. Haverluck

    And America’s most, least Bible-minded city is …

    Only two of America’s 100-largest media market cities have populations where half or more of their residents are considered Bible-minded, according to a massive nationwide study.

  • January 22, 2016
    Bob Kellogg

    Jeffress: Evangelicals infected with 'inclusivism'

    Wheaton prof Larycia HawkinsCiting growing "inclusivism" among evangelicals, a prominent Southern Baptist pastor isn't surprised that the protest over the proposed termination a Wheaton College professor remains unsettled.

  • January 22, 2016
    Charlie Butts

    Graham has 'influence' warning to parents, churches

    Love winsFranklin Graham has a warning to well-meaning parents and the church about the homosexual-rights movement: be careful and pay attention.




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